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I am leaving no files pending: Modi



Gandhinagar: Prime Minister elect Narendra Modi, who today resigned as Gujarat Chief Minister after 12 years, said he is leaving no files pending on his table.

“I resigned as CM today, so technically I am now a former CM. But I am not leaving a single pending file behind. Though I remained busy in campaigning during the election, I used to call officers as soon as I got free at night and finished my work,” Modi said addressing BJP MLAs after they had elected Anandiben Patel as their Legislature Party leader and successor.

Modi stressed the importance of hard work and said he believed BJP in Gujarat had many potential leaders.     “There is no meaning of taking shortcuts in public life. Just like me, if a small party worker works hard, it will certainly bring him rewards some day.

“Now, the opposition is scared by just looking at Amitbhai’s photo. He is the best example of what a devoted party worker can do if he decides to serve the nation,” he said lauding BJP general secretary Amit Shah for the phenomenal success of the party in Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Modi recalled that during a meeting with MLAs in 2007, he had said he wanted to create leaders for next 20 years. “Now, I see an army of such competent leaders at every level. This is not my achievement. It is all due to their own hard work and dedication,” said Modi, who took a dig at Congress for losing ground in many states.

“After elections, 14 states and 6 union territories are now Congress Mukt (free). My Congress friends sent CBI here and dishonoured tea vendors. That turned into a ‘Tea-Revolution’ as all the tea vendors turned against them. This is the power of Swabhiman (Self Respect)” Modi, who often referred to his humble roots during stumping, said.