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Here are the 10 things Mamata Banerjee said on Demonetisation


Indian Chief Minister of eastern state of West Bengal and Trinamool Congress (TMC) political party leader Mamata Banerjee leads a rappy as part of a nationwide protest against demonetisation in Kolkata on November 28, 2016. Tens of thousands of people turned out November 28 for nationwide protests against India's controversial ban on high-value banknotes, which opposition party organisers say has caused a "financial emergency". / AFP PHOTO / Dibyangshu SARKAR

Who is right- PM Modi or Mamata Banerjee? Public opinions are divided. While the public initially hailed the Prime Ministers’ stance to wipe out fake notes and curb black money, the liquidity crunch in the last two days, the queues at the banks and the harassment have resulted in a swing in the public mood.

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has emerged as a most bitter critic of Demonetisation. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced demonetisation, people are suffering from problem of cash crunch.

Here is what Mamata Banerjee has said for all while on PMs Demonetisation move.

  1. People are distressed. I believe such a step has not been taken anywhere worldwide. Suddenly Modi ji felt, he acts like God. He has done whatever he wants, without knowing the consequence. Ask him why there’s scarcity of notes in banks. If there was an ample note in banks then nothing would have bothered us. Without any proper strategy he took the step.

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  2. Whoever opposes him, he will send CBI, ED, and Income Tax after them to muzzle their voices. But he can’t muzzle my voice. I will again go to Delhi and raise my voice, take out protest march and if needed I will demonstrate in front of Modi’s house…I will not stop until and unless he is out of power.
  3. Prime Minister Modi has broken constitutional rules. Why did not you (Narendra Modi) make a proper plan before the implementation (of demonetisation). Common man is suffering due to it. We are giving you three days. If you do not fix all problems, we will not leave you. We are still alive.
  4. I appeal to everybody, take a vow – either I will die or live, but remove Modi from politics. There is no place for dictators like you, Modi babu. This is a democratic country.
  5. Whole India is in a bad shape; Modi is sleeping and making big speeches. He is giving us lectures on ‘Mann ki Baat.
  6. Black Money has become more black and money laundering is even more rampant. White money has been snatched away from the common man who is the highest sufferer.
  7. Modi ji has lost all credibility. A bad politician and even worse administrator. He is lying.
  8. They have sent 500 rupees notes to Rajasthan. But they are not sending the 500 rupees notes to Bengal. The Central government has totally failed to act. Rural India is dying, they don’t use card. What will they do? The whole of rural India is crying, farmers are crying. If food is not available what will the common people eat? Plastic?
  9. What about the remaining 96 per cent? I won’t tolerate if 96 per cent people cry. We won’t tolerate this Tughlaqian (autocratic) attitude.
  10. How will they use this one Rs 2,000 note for all of their daily needs? They are not getting currency notes of lower denominations. There is total chaos and anger.