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Hang if found guilty; murder unacceptable, says Jamait-Ulema-e-Hind


Demands probe by retired CJI into deaths of SIMI men, jail guard

BHOPAL: Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind has demanded probe by a retired chief justice of India into the encounter of SIMI undertrials, in which all eight of them were killed and also into the murder of jail head constable. If the demand is not fulfilled, the organisation will launch a nationwide stir.

If anyone is guilty, go ahead and hang him. Muslims will not have any objection. But the way the under-trials were killed is unacceptable, speakers said at a largely-attended meeting at Jamia Islamia Arabia Masjid near Motia Park on Friday afternoon.

Heavy police force was deployed around the venue of the meeting.

State Sadar of the Jamiat Maulana Ahmed said, “We demand a fair probe into the killing of all nine persons – eight SIMI undertrials and one constable.  We are concerned about jailbreak. But we are more concerned about the killing of nine persons. The constable also has a family and we are concerned that now who will take care of his family.”

Sadar Maulana Ahmed said, “Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru were hanged after courts convicted them. Muslims did not take any objection. Similarly, if SIMI under-trials were found guilty we would have had no problem”.

He said, “The videos that went viral clearly show that the SIMI men were unarmed and were murdered in cold blood. Those involved in such inhuman, heinous acts should be identified and punished”.