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Gujarat Elections 2017: Gujarat seeking answers for 22-year BJP rule, Rahul Gandhi tells PM Narendra Modi


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New Delhi: Stepping up his offensive against Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the Gujarat elections, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today sought to make the state’s ruling BJP accountable for its promises in the last polls.

Gandhi also brought up the BJP’s 22-year rule in Gujarat and said people were demanding answers. “22 salon ka hisaab, Gujarat mange jawaab (Gujarat demands answers for 22 years of BJP rule),” he tweeted. Seeking to pin the government down on the issue of housing, Gandhi asked the prime minister whether it would take 45 more years to provide new houses to Gujaratis.

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Giving numbers to buttress his argument, he said, “First question to the prime minister on the state of affairs in Gujarat – In 2012, he promised to provide 50 lakh new houses, but provided 4.72 lakh in five years. Will the prime minister tell whether it will take another 45 years to fulfil the promise?”

The prime minister and the opposition leader are in Gujarat today to campaign for their parties ahead of the December 9 and 14 assembly poll. Gandhi will campaign in the state for two days and will start with a visit to the famous Somnath temple. He will also hold public meetings in at least three districts today and tomorrow, party leaders said.

  • Parapuram Joseph

    mr. narendra modi is baffled at the ever-rising popularity of Honourable Shri Rahul Gandhi Saheb. Now it is time for him (mr. modi) to receive back the blame which he has been showering on Congress especially during past three and a half years! Whenever he stumbles and falls down after committing himalayan blunders, he blames Congress and embarks upon a foreign sojourn! But now onwards his tactics won’t work! While on the subject, may I invite readers to view my video – Homage to Pandit Nehru by p g joseph – in youtube. Thank you.