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Gujarat Assembly election Results: Congress owes more to Patels, less to Muslims


NEW DELHI: A post-result survey by Lokniti states that Congress did manage to get a substantial vote share from the communities it had banked upon, says TV channel News 18. The party drew its major gain in vote share from the BJP’s most loyal voter. 36 percent of the Patel votes went to Congress this time. In 2012 state elections, only 10 percent of the Patels had voted for the Congress party.

The most number of votes from the community – 46% – came from Leuva Patels. Kadwa Patels, another dominant community of the Patels, also voted for the Congress party in good numbers this time. The party also managed to increase its total OBC vote share by 8%.

Forty one percent of the OBC community votes went to the Congress this time, as against 33% during 2012 state elections, the channel adds.The party, however, saw a slight drop in its Muslim vote share. This time only 64% of the Muslim electoral population voted for the party, which is 6% less that the 2012 state elections when the party had managed to get 70% of the Muslim votes.