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Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Mouth-watering Congress manifesto


Gandhinagar: The Congress on Monday unfolded a mouth-watering manifesto as its work order for Gujarat. It has promised loan waiver and free water for farmers, housing for women, unemployment allowance for youth, reduction in taxes, halving of domestic power tariff, a bouquet of healthcare, education and social measures besides ”special benefits” to upper caste communities such as Patidars.

“The Congress will also set up a Special Investigation Team to investigate all allegations of irregularities during the BJP rule in the state — aggregating Rs 100,000 crores — as highlighted in CAG reports in the past,” State Congress president Bharatsinh Solanki said.

Describing it as a people’s manifesto, Solanki said that it had addressed all the frayed nerve points of Gujarat cutting across all sections of society. The manifesto panel was chaired by Congress MP Madhusudan Mistry with inputs from Sam Pitroda.

The manifesto reiterated its commitment to the agreement reached with the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti under which a Congress government in the state will propose a Bill based on the provisions of the Constitution.

The Bill will thus provide benefits at par with the OBCs to a ”special category” of those communities mentioned in article 46 not getting benefits under the Articles 15(4) and 16(4).

For farmers, the Congress has proposed loan waiver, announcement of the MSP before the beginning of the season, 16 hours of electricity during the day and free water.

The manifesto also envisages setting up Rs 32,000 crore corpus that would provide finance to 25 lakh youth for self-employment, abolition of the fixed salary contractual appointments by the government and turning them into permanent employees and provisions of an unemployment allowance of Rs 4000 per month.

”We will provide cent per cent finance for capital investment for start-ups and also review the Foreign Direct Investment policy to protect the interest of small traders vis-a-vis the MNCs. ‘‘As in Bhutan, the Congress proposes to move towards a more inclusive indicator of progress instead of the GDP. The new mantra will be the Gross Happiness Index,’’ he added.

For women, the manifesto promises housing for all, a 24-hour toll-free phone and single-window help centre, ”pink transport”, free education from primary to higher education and fast track courts for crimes against women.

As a price curb measure, the Congress has promised a cut in taxes on petro products to bring down their prices by Rs ten a litre, 50 % reduction in power tariff for usage up to 200 units per month to Rs two per unit.

  • Parapuram Joseph

    There are all chances for a heavy drubbing for bjp in Gujarat. The bjp regime at Centre arm-twisted and choked the commoners and poor by demonetisation, and gst, drenching their already sunken pockets! And naturally a dent of seats in Gujarat shall be the end of bjp regime. Away from the theme, for publicity/promotion purpose, I invite readers to view my video – Homage to Pandit Nehru by p g joseph – in youtube. Thank you readers.

    • vahsir artapaham

      lol typical illiterate left wing fool . you are paying homage to pandit nehru ? the man who fuc*ed india for decades to come by not taking a UN general assembly seat and allowing china to take the seat . the man who signed the biased Indus water treaty with our enemy country , the man who politicised caste based reservation for vote banks , the man who broke the back of indian economy with permit raj ? that short sighted crook single handedly destroyed india not only during his tenure but also for decades to come .

      • Damordas

        Paid BJP Troll