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Govt’s claims on protecting minorities stands exposed: CPI(M)


sitaram yechury

New Delhi: Questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “criminal” silence over attack on religious minorities, CPI(M) today said the government’s claims that it will go to any extent to safeguard the rights of minorities in the country stood exposed. “Ministers and MPs of the ruling party have been spreading venom against religious minorities since the formation of this government, which is likely to cause havoc for the national unity and integrity,” Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury said while inaugurating the delegate session of 10th Party Conference at Jammu.

He also said that the vandalization of nine churches last week has exposed the claims of the government that it will go to any extent to safeguard the rights of religious minorities in the country. “Under the given situation, it is the prime responsibility of CPI(M) to unite the Left and other secular-democratic forces to frustrate these communal and parochial designs of the Sangh parivar so that national unity, communal harmony and brotherhood is maintained at all costs,” he said.

Modi had last month assured that his government will not allow any religious group to incite hatred against others and will strongly act against any religious violence. Noting that the Narendra Modi mantra of “Ache din Aane walay hain” stood “exposed”, Yechury said the policies of the government are bound to benefit the corporate houses. He had also alleged yesterday that the formation of PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir was not based on principles but the “binding” force behind the coalition was the “greed” of power sharing.

Observing that since the new government has been formed on Common Minimum Programme (CMP), the party also demanded that the new government should concentrate on implementing the promises to bring relief to the people who have also been suffering from devastating floods. The conference also adopted resolutions demanding immediate rehabilitation of flood victims on war footing, urging the government to take measures to put an end to the supply of spurious pesticides and fertilizers and provide the growers through co-operatives in agriculture and horticulture sector and demanding measures to create viable avenues for the unemployed youth.