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Govt working on faster trains with facilities: Minister


New Delhi: The government is working to bring faster trains with more facilities while trying to meet the diverse expectations of the society, Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu said today as he announced several initiatives like a ‘National Plan for Railways’ for infrastructure development.

Prabhu told the Rajya Sabha that Railways faces a “paradox” like situation where it is expected to provide services like concessional travel and meet social objectives like a government enterprise but at the same time expected to perform like a commercial company.

The railways, he said, is trying to meet these diverse expectations as he mentioned seven missions including the ‘Mission to have zero accidents’, ‘Mission on Speed’ and ‘Mission on accounting reform’ etc.

He was replying to a debate on the Railways Appropriation Bill which was later approved by the Upper House. The Lok Sabha has already passed it.

Talking about efforts to bring faster trains, the Minister said a Spanish company has been involved in a project to reduce by 5 hours the time taken on the Delhi-Mumbai route. The Spanish company Talgo would bring its trains on an experimental basis for the project, he said.

The Railway minister also mentioned that to meet the demands of various sections, different types of faster trains like Antoday, Humsafar, Tejas, Mahamana, Gatimaan etc are being brought in.

Earlier some opposition members had raised questions about the ‘Bullet train’ project. Ranee Narah of Congress said that since Prime Minister Narendra Modi is from Gujarat and Rail Minister from Mumbai, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route had been chosen for the project.

Prabhu said efforts are being made to provide free water which has undergone quality checks and also provide better e-catering facilities.

He announced initiatives like setting up a dedicated body for research and development in railways and creating a ‘National Plan for Railways’ regarding infrastructure development.

He added that despite having to meet Pay Commission liability and Bonus Act liability, the Railways still has managed a modest operating ratio.

Prabhu also emphasised that the Infrastructure investment in Railways has gone up considerably and it has touched 1 lakh 31 thousand crore in 2016-17. He said attempt should be made to increase Capital Expenditure to boost our economy.

Prabhu also said that in the coming years entire rail network in North East will be shifted to broad gauge. Some opposition members had claimed that Railways was ignoring the North East. (