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Govt insulting Constitutional post of Governors: Cong


New Delhi: Congress today hit out at BJP-led NDA government accusing it of “insulting” the Constitutional post of Governors but parried questions on whether Kerala Governor Sheila Dikshit could resign and come back to serve the party.

“They (NDA government) are treating the Constitutional post of Governor in this manner. There are apprehensions that most of the Governors appointed during the UPA regime would be removed by the present government.

“Insulting the Constitutional post does not suit a party, which is in Government,” party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said.

To questions on whether Dikshit could also put in her papers like Maharashtra Governor K Sankaranarayanan, Ahmed feigned ignorance.

“Who knows whether she joins Congress or not, whether and when she returns to politics. It is for her to decide which party she has to join…why do you want brand her a Congress leader now.

“She is holding a Constitutional post. She was one of the tallest leaders of Congress. But now she is not a Congress leader. She is a Governor,” Ahmed said.

There is a buzz that Dikshit, whom the government wants to transfer to a state in the Northeast, could put in her paper and come back to Congress.

Dikshit, who served as Delhi Chief Minister from 1998 to 2013, was appointed Kerala governor in March just before the model code of conduct came into force for the Lok Sabha polls.

Dikshit today met President Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

Maharashtra Governor’s post fell vacant yesterday when incumbent K Sankaranarayanan resigned after he was transferred to Mizoram.

Earlier, the NDA government had sacked Mizoram Governor Kamla Beniwal, who had served in Gujarat earlier and had a running battle with Narendra Modi when he was the state’s Chief Minister.

The Congress spokesperson at the same rejected contentions that the Governors appointed during the previous UPA regime do not want to serve in the Northeastern states.

“A number of Governors appointed by UPA are still working in North Eastern Region. But the government is choosing one state as a dumping ground,” Ahmed said alluding to Mizoram and disapproved of the act of “transferring Governors from one big state to a smaller state” without taking his or her consent.

He reminded that before being sacked Beniwal was also shifted to Mizoram.

“After the kind of treatment meted out to her after sending her to Mizoram, any self-respecting Governor would apprehend what treatment the government meet out to them.