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Go abroad but learn, earn and return: Venkaiah Naidu


venkaiah naidu

Hyderabad: Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today made a passionate appeal to youngsters who have gone abroad seeking greener pastures, to return home and contribute to nation-building, thereby giving back to the society.

“Nothing is wrong in going out…go…no problem but learn, earn and return. At the end of the day you have to come back and serve your motherland. Then only you will be happy. You must be back to your motherland so that society also recognises you and your near ones feel happy and you also get immense satisfaction out of it,” he said at an event here.

“Such is the greatness of this soil and land, we have inherent knowledge and talent in everybody in this country and in every field. Everybody has got skill because of the land and water…People born in this country have gone to the US and other western countries. If you go to America and talk to 10 doctors, half of them will be Indians,” Naidu said.

“What is required is we have to tap it. We have to give them (those who left India) encouragement and make them move forward (by welcoming them back into the country),” the Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister said at the closing ceremony of year long CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) 70th anniversary celebrations here.

Highlighting that India had great traditions of knowledge in different fields, he noted that, in fact, works of the country’s ancient mathematicians, doctors and even philosophers stimulated thought processes across the world over centuries.

“Knowledge, science, technology, research they are the lifeline for the future and betterment of the society,” Naidu said.

“India was ‘Vishwaguru’ once upon a time. But, now we are looking at west and they are looking towards us because in between we lost the self-confidence and self-esteem because of the slavery of hundreds of years,” he said.