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Fake BBC news claims that Congress is the 4th most corrupt political party in world


Fake news spread like fire and the world is suffering from it ,without any source without any information fake news is published and people start believing on it .In one such incident where Congress party was declared as the 4th  most corrupt political party in world and the news spread like wild fire. A news portal BBC News Point spread this news on their website portraying them self as original BBC and many mistook it as original BBC but the news published was fake.


As per a report of DNA, the survey was not conducted by the BBC, but belonged to a site called BBC News Point. BBC’s logo actually differs from that of BBC News Point but as the news started going viral many users started putting authentic BBC logo and then it was assumed that the BBC had actually conducted the survey.But before people released the news was fake it has harmed the image of the Congress and people started trolling Congress on social media.

The online editor of BBC India has confirmed that the news published on the online portal is not from BBC and it is a fake news.