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Doggy’s day out: Dog enjoys travelling from Delhi to Bengaluru in business class of Air India flight


A dog had the access to travelling in an aircraft, when it was allowed during an Indian flight enroute Delhi from Bengaluru. Most the leading airlines do not allow pets on board, however, Air India recently allowed a pet to fly business class along with his owner.

Times of India reported that an Air India flight travelling from Bengaluru to Delhi permitted a dog to fly along with its owner. The incident was reported from Air India Flight (AI 501) on July 29. Earlier, Jet Airways allowed pets on board but after death of two puppies on its flight in 2009, the policy was changed.

Two puppies were killed while travelling in Jet Airways flight 9W 370 in 2009. Later in 2011, a consumer court in Delhi ordered Jet Airways to monetarily compensate the owner of the puppies for the emotional setback caused. The airlines was directed to pay dollars 3,248 to Rajendra Tondon, the owner of the dead puppies.