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Digitek DBS 011 Speakers Review: Budget Bluetooth speakers with karaoke microphone


One of the best budget Bluetooth speakers around with a mic-in feature is Digitek’s Tubular Bluetooth Speaker (Digitek DBS 011). One of the features that will catch your eye is the mic-in feature which makes it a portable karaoke device, the device comes with an additional mic so that you don’t have to run around hunting for a mic, just plug-in and start singing and also the speakers are easily available online and as well as offline.

This tubular speaker given the size cannot be exactly called as portable device but the wireless connectivity makes it worth a buy if you are a music lover and like singing to karaoke music now and then. It is probably the smallest device to have a mic-in deature. And it is well priced to be placed under the budget speaker tab.

The speaker has plenty of connectivity options, it lets you connect your phone or audio device via 3.5mm aux cable, a memory card slot, you can plug in a USB device, also you can use bluetooth to connect your device, you can also the radio (though without the wires connectivity can be a issue). It is also easy to charge to device. In short you have a device which lets you to listen to songs without the hassales of wires and sing your heart out to karaoke music, sounds like a great deal.

The device has two woofer speakers at the two ends which also changing lights, which glow and change colours while the music is on, making it look stylish. It has dual stereo front mounted speakers. The front control pannel also has a bass control knob and a volume knob and to go with it has a audio track controller buttons when you use the memory card, USB or radio.

The speaker is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery, which keeps the speaker on for more than 5 hours. The in-built battery feature adds to the portability aspect of the speaker.

The body of the speaker is made of plastic and therefore it is reasonably light and easy to carry. The speaker has couple of hooks at the two end of the speakers so that you can attach a strap and carry it around easily.