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Delhi policeman accused of hitting woman gets bail


Delhi trafficpolice, attacks women

New Delhi: A traffic policeman accused of attacking a mother of three with a brick for allegedly refusing to pay Rs.200 bribe, was granted bail by a court.

Special Judge Narottam Kaushal granted bail to sacked Head Constable Satish Chandra while asking him to furnish a personal bond of Rs.10,000. The court, however, observed that there was no direct evidence showing that the traffic policeman demanded a bribe.

The incident occurred just after noon when 30-year-old Ramandeep Kaur was returning home with her three daughters from Guru Harkrishan Public School after attending a parents-teachers meeting.

Kaur said when she took a turn on Golf Links Road, the policeman stopped her and accused her of jumping a red light. He asked her to pay Rs.200.  As she asked for a receipt for the fine, the policeman refused. She walked away without paying the fine which angered him. A heated argument followed and he hit her with a brick.

Unknown to the policeman, a motorist filmed the ugly drama. The clip, which went viral on news channels, showed the woman grappling with the policeman even after being hit to prevent him from escaping on his motorcycle.