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Delhi: Businessman shot dead for complaining over rash driving


In yet another case of crime happening in India’s capital i.e. New Delhi, a businessman on way home with his young nephew was shot dead in north Delhi last evening after an argument over rash driving. Vinod Mehra, who was shot in the chest, was declared dead when he was taken to a hospital.

Mehra, 35, was returning from a wedding with the teen, when a speeding van overtook his Wagon R car on a flyover when he objected, an argument started. In the middle of it, one of the men got off the van, shot him and made off, reported NDTV.

Mehra was then taken to the local police station by his nephew and his teacher, who had also attended the wedding and met them on the road. When he was finally taken to the hospital, the doctors announced his death. The police say Mehra’s nephew, the only witness to the murder, had noticed the number plate of the van and investigation is underway.