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Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari hits out at AAP over statehood demand


New Delhi: Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari today hit out at the AAP government’s full statehood demand, saying the “rhetoric” was an effort to divert public attention from its “poor governance” and water crisis faced by the people. Although he admitted that the local government needed “a little more power”, the BJP leader said the present federal structure was flexible enough to cater to the developmental needs of the city.

“The rhetoric of Aam Aadmi Party over full statehood of Delhi is an effort to divert public attention from corrupt administration, poor governance, failure in water and electricity supply under its government,” Tiwari said. People of Delhi will not get swayed by their drama, he asserted.

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The Delhi Assembly dominated by the AAP today passed a resolution in favour of full statehood to Delhi. “The Kejriwal government has no real intention to get full statehood for Delhi. It is fighting to obtain unchecked power for itself,” the Delhi BJP chief charged.

He added that the AAP and Congress were desperate for power and were “hobnobbing” for an “unprincipled alliance for 2019”.  “Both Aam Aadmi Party and Congress are desperate for power and this desperation and frustration is compelling them to repeat the unprincipled coalition which they first formed in 2013,” Tiwari added.