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Delhi belongs to everyone, says ex-Bihar CM Nitish Kumar


Nitish Kumar

Patna: Commenting on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijay Goel’s  statement of stopping the migrant influx into Delhi, former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said Saturday that having such thinking is unconstitutional and could create differences between people.

“They have no right to say that Delhi belongs to a particular section of people. Delhi belongs to everyone. It is the capital of the country, and people from all over the country have the right to go there. Having such thinking is against the constitution. Not only that, it can also create differences between people,” said Kumar.

“People from UP and Bihar have the right to go wherever they want to and will go there. Such thinking will kill the unity between people. Is he trying to say that the people of Bihar are burden for them? If it is so, then I think the reality is quite the opposite as people from Bihar contribute majorly not only in development but daily life in Delhi,” he added.

Suggesting this as one of the solutions to the civic problems in Delhi, Goel had asked to stop the inflow of migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to the capital, which led to him being criticized by various sections of the society.

Goel had later clarified that he had been misquoted, and added what he meant was that if each state was more developed, people would not have to come to the national capital to look for a livelihood or to stay.

Goel had made the statement in the Rajya Sabha while debating the Delhi budget.