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Delhi: A 4 year old hit by cab, driver’s offers to ‘help’ killed the child


A 4 year old boy Rohit Kumar from Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar died for want of medical attentions after he was hit by a cab. According to the police, Rohit was playing was playing outside when an Eeco cab hit him while reversing.

According to police, Rohit was playing outside his home when the Eeco cab hit him while reversing. As crowd gathered, the cab driver offered to take the boy and his mother to the hospital. The driver drove the child and his mother Vasanti Kumari, around the city for five hours. The driver drove them to four hospitals and came out with the same answer that the hospital authorities have refused to admit the child.

During the course of time, the driver kept trying to negotiate with Vasanti and even allegedly threatened her. The four years’ kids’ condition was deteriorating. Finally, his mother Vasanti Kumari managed to contact her husband from the local phone booth and informed him about the incident. Having received no medical attention for five precious hours, the boy, Rohit Kumar dies inside the cab. The diver was later arrested.

An inconsolable Vasanti Kumari said that her three other children have been asking her about their brother and she has not been able to muster courage to tell them about what had happened.