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Dancing skills of this Indian Army soldier will give Bollywood heroes a run for their money; Watch now


Army is a very crucial aspect of a country. It safeguards the boundaries of the country and protect the country from external attacks. In our country, Indian Army plays a very important role for the protection of people, especially against the attacks from the Pakistani end near the borders.

Indian Army takes care of the borders. The life of Army personnel is not an easy one. They have to stay and perform their duties in remote areas, which sometimes have worst temperatures to live. Still, Indian Army also have some moments of happiness among themselves. They also enjoy fun time on some occasions among themselves. One such video showcasing the dance of an Indian Army man is getting viral on the internet now.

In the video, an Indian Army soldier shows his amazing dancing skills on ‘Aloo Chaat’ song, a popular track of 2009 film ‘Aloo Chaat’. The song is sung by Kailesh Kher and the soldier is seen showing his hip hop skills on the song, while other soldiers are cheering him. Have a look at the video below.