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Congress trashes Goa BJP MLA’s bikini beach plans


Durgadas KamatDurgadas Kamat

New Delhi: Reacting to BJP Member of Legislative Assembly Lavoo Mamledar’s plans to create a bikini beach in Goa, Congress Party leader Rashid Alvi said Saturday that it exposed double-faced nature of the ruling party.

“It is very unfortunate. On the one hand, the BJP talks of safeguarding India’s traditional and ancient cultural values, and on the other, they make these remarks. This is why we keep saying that the BJP is double-faced. They have a dual character,” said Alvi.

Goa Congress spokesperson Durgadas Kamat said such statements will ruin the state’s image both nationally and internationally.

“These statements are ridiculous, and they have started coming after the BJP came to power. Somewhere a full stop needs to be put, as Goa’s image is at stake. It has gone for a toss in the past three months, nationally and internationally,” said Kamat.

Mamledar, who is a former police officer, had said that if tourism had to be promoted, there should be a bikini beach with entry fees in Goa.

A week back, Goa Public Works Department Minister Sudhin Dhavalikar had said that the wearing of bikinis should be banned on Goa’s public beaches, which drew criticism from party leaders and women rights activists.

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