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Chidambaram blasts govt for ‘fishing & roving’ probe on son


Karti Chidambaram

Chennai: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram today criticised the ED search at the office of his son Karti calling it a “fishing and roving” enquiry and wondered how far a “foolish” government would go to harass him. “Mr Karti Chidambaram made a statement. As can be expected nothing was found in the fishing and roving enquiry. “I would like to see how far a foolish government would go in harassing him. I still believe that the departments I left behind have many officers who will act according to law and their conscience,” he said in his reaction.

Chidamabram had last month accused the government of a “malicious onslaught” launched by it against his family and said if it wants to target him, it should do so directly and not harass friends of Karti.