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Check out the new Skoda E concept car


The car manufacturing company Skoda has unveiled the new teaser of its new car , Just like the other Vision concepts, this one too will make its way to production and from what we can see, it’s quiet an interesting body type.

In the vague teaser, the new Skoda just showcases a coupe-like silhouette with a sleek and sloping roofline. The front and rear lamps are similar to the design language followed by the new generation Superb and the Kodiaq. The Czech manufacturer also added that the designers have taken the inspiration from Czech crystal glass art. According to Skoda, the crystal glass art is characterised by outstanding craftsmanship and “yields an expressive, emotionally charged design which harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality.”

The Czech carmaker has spawned a number of vehicles from the concepts like the Vision D, Vision C and Vision S. The new concept at the Shanghai Motor show will give us a glimpse of the new car to follow.