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Braving rains, Chennai couples enter into wedlock


Chennai: Marriage may not be the first thing on your mind when your life has been disrupted by a torrential downpour — and there is water everywhere. However, braving heavy rain and flooding, many couples across the Tamil Nadu capital entered into wedlock on Wednesday, an auspicious day for weddings.

“Today is an auspicious day for marriages. In our hall, a wedding was conducted as planned,” K.M. Kannan, manager of the A.V.M. Rajeshwari Kalyana Mandapam, told IANS.

“The wedding went off without any hitch and I have not heard of any marriage in halls in the city getting postponed due to rains,” he said.

In a lighter vein, he said “perhaps the couples who get married today (Wednesday) must have eaten lots of raw rice in their childhood”, referring to an old saying that those who eat raw rice as children will face heavy rains at their weddings.

However, the wedding hall manager said he has sent his family to Erode as there was a threat of water entering their house coupled with power supply being disrupted since Tuesday.