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BJP tweets truth explaining hike in petroleum prices, Congress couldn’t help but retweet


BJP’s latest tweet on diesel price has become a hot topic of discussion on Twitter, and even Congress party is taking a dig at BJP’s tweet and they have retweeted the picture and captioned it “When you have to hide a 343% increase in taxes, but don’t know how.Even we couldn’t resist retweeting this ;)”.

After few minutes, Congress posted another picture and captioned it, “There! Fixed it for you”. BJP tweeted a picture, where they are comparing petrol and diesel price since 2004 and trying to show that during their government only 28 per cent price has been increased in fuel, while in Congress time the percentage was 83 and 42.

However, many social media users, started trolling BJP for spreading false information. One of the user wrote, “ Where is logic in this graph?”. “Totally Legit according to Jio University Maths Course taught by @Iyervval and headed by @aranganathan72”, other user wrote.