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BJP slams Nitish for taking sole credit for performance


Nitish Kumar

Patna: BJP today slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for taking sole credit for his government’s performance in Bihar over the past ten years saying NDA was an equal partner in it and deserves equal recognition.

“It’s very unfair on the part of the chief minister to walk away with sole credit for his government’s performance over two terms as the mandate was for NDA, of which BJP was an equal partner for seven and a half years,” senior BJP leader Nandkishore Yadav told reporters hours after Kumar released the Bihar government’s report card.

“It reflects a streak of betrayal in him (Kumar) as he has tried to walk away with sole credit for the government’s performance over the past one decade in which the BJP was an equal partner for three-forth of the two terms of the current government,” he said.

Claiming that “all good things” in Bihar happened when NDA was in power in the state for seven and half years, Yadav asked the chief minister to explain whether his government was running with outside support from RJD and Congress and launched any new scheme over the past two and half years.

If it were so, then Kumar was entitled to take credit for it, he said and added that nothing of that sort happened in Bihar. Yadav, who is also the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative assembly, took on Kumar over his claim that he had changed the perception about Bihar and asked who had sullied the state’s image in the past – a reference to the RJD-led regime of 15 years preceding the election of NDA to power in 2005.

On Kumar’s claim that he has spurred industrialisation in Bihar, Yadav asked Kumar who had derailed development, again a reference to the tenure of RJD of Lalu Prasad and Kumar taking its support to save his minority government after junking NDA in June 2013.

Claiming that the law and order situation had deteriorated and development had come to a grinding halt in Bihar ever since JD(U) joined hands with RJD, Yadav mentioned farmers’ suicide and murder of police officer by criminals to trash the report card released by Kumar.

In another potshot at the chief minister, Yadav questioned the understanding between RJD and JD(U) with one constituent releasing the government’s report card and another coming out with the report card of its government’s performance on the same day.

“Who are you trying to fool – the people of Bihar or the opposition parties, by putting on discordant alliance in full display? ” he asked.