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BJP should desist from alliance with PDP: Govindacharya


Lucknow: Terming any alliance between BJP and PDP in Jammu-Kashmir as “immoral,” the saffron party’s former ideologue K N Govindacharya today said the party should desist from such short term gain. “I believe that if any alliance happen between PDP and BJP in Jammu and Kashmir it is absolutely ‘immoral’,” Govindacharya told reporters here.

“Such alliances are short term gain, long term loss. It is totally unprincipled. Specially a party like BJP, which claims of ideology should desist from this,” he added. On the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, he said “I have no doubt over its intentions, but have objections over its policies.

“The country needs poor oriented policies, but the governments are giving pro-rich policies. The policies must be country-oriented and not foreign oriented. He said that it should be seen that what the priorities are. “You want to bring bullet train, but first improve the existing infrastructure,” said Govindacharya, who was seen as being a major ideological and political force in BJP in the 90s, before his comments critical of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee resulted in his ouster.

On the promises made by Modi during Lok Sabha polls he said,”You must bite, what you can chew. During polls several things are said, but it should be seen that they are fulfilled.” Govindacharya, who spearheads several organisations, today termed Land Acquisition Ordinance as anti-farmer and said that it has three major shortcomings.

“The new ordnance or existing law has three major shortcomings. It does not clearly define public interest. It will bear major blow and deprive of food security,” he said. He said that several social and farmers’ organisation will stage a dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on February 24 and February 25 against the ordinance.

“A foot march will be organised from Palval in Maharshtra on February 20,” he said.