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BJP seeks Rahul Gandhi’s apology over data firm whistleblower’s claims


New Delhi: The BJP today cited a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower’s deposition to claim that the controversial data firm had worked for the Congress and demanded an apology from its president Rahul Gandhi, saying he stood “exposed”.

Christopher Wylie, a former Analytica employee turned whistleblower, in a deposition before the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee in London said the company had worked extensively in India and believed it was employed by the Congress.

“The whistleblower has publicly confirmed that the Congress was indeed their client. Rahul Gandhi had been trying to divert attention. Today, he stands exposed. The Congress and Rahul Gandhi must apologise to the nation,” Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters tonight.

This vindicates what the BJP had been been saying from day one, he said.

“Cambridge Analytica is in the dock for data theft and trying to manipulate voters using unlawful means. Congress party needs to apologise to the nation for data theft and trying to manipulate voters. Rahul Gandhi needs to apologise to the nation for trying to subvert India’s election process using the Brahmastra of Cambridge Analytica,” he said.

Prasad also dismissed the Congress’ allegation that the BJP had used the firm’s services, calling it a “pack of lies”.