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New Delhi : Some months ago, when they humbled the BJP in its citadel with a cricket score like 67/3 tally in the Delhi vidhan sabha, they were seen as the harbingers of the great change that the much maligned Indian political system needs. The AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal was seen to have avenged his Varanasi loss to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and with his high promise of good governance was the man to be watched.

 But then clichés die hard, because they tellingly sum up situations. So now we know that all that glitters is not gold. Kejriwal, the man who has pointed an accusing finger at every politician and projected himself as the one who shall clean the political cesspool, is now revealed as the person who is willing to strike any deal.

His co-founders in the party, including the lawyer with a social  conscience Prashant Bhushan (with many corruption crusades to his credit), have called him a dictator.

In retaliation, Kejriwal’s rivals have put out a secretly taped phone conversation in which the AAP chief minister is heard saying that Bhushan deserves to be thrown out of the party with a kick in the right place (butt). “If they are not thrown out then I will get out with my 67 MLAs and form a regional party,’’ he has threatened.

The AAP has not questioned the authenticity of the recording. “In anger, things are said,’’ said AAP leader Ashutosh.”When we get angry and lose our temper, we use language that should not be used,” he added.

The party’s ideologue Yogendra Yadav too faces the same threat of expulsion. ‘‘We did not come to this party for this.

The issues are much more important and our concerns are much deeper,” Yadav said. Now the party’s national council will meet on Saturday and the events shall unfold but as of now it appears

that whereas the Bhushan-Yadav camp has shown some urgency in patch-up efforts, Kejriwal, the man who matters most, has not reciprocated.

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