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Be more attentive to disabled in rural areas: Minister


Thaawar Chand Gehlot

New Delhi: Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Thaawar Chand Gehlot Saturday asked state commissioners to be more attentive to people with disabilities in rural areas.

He noted disabilities are more common in Schedules Castes – at 2.45 percent – than in the overall population where it is 2.1 percent.

“Gehlot went through the details of the implementation status of the PWD (Persons With Disabilities) Act across states and observed the proportion of people with disabilities belonging to Scheduled Castes at 2.45 percent was higher than the overall proportion of 2.1 percent of the total population. He asked the state commissioners to pay particular attention to the people with disabilities living in the rural and remote areas and the vulnerable disadvantaged group,” his office said.

Gehlot, who inaugurated the 13th National Meeting of the State Commissioners for Persons with Disabilities to review implementation of the PWD Act, extensively interacted with the state commissioners from 32 states and Union Territories throughout the day.

“Gehlot said the meeting provides an important forum for exchanging views and experiences and understanding of critical issues on implementation of the act,” his office added.

He was particularly concerned about people with severe disabilities living on the margin and observed a huge proportion (43.15 percent) of people with disabilities is yet to be issued disability certificates.

He set a target of giving disability certificate to 70 percent eligible people within six months and 100 percent within one year.

Gehlot emphasised a special recruitment drive should be conducted in all the states to fill up the backlog of reserved vacancies for people with disabilities.

He also informed he has recommended to the finance ministry to double the existing exemption limit in income tax in respect of people with disabilities.

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