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Ban on import of milk, products from China extended upto June


New Delhi: The ban on import of milk and milk products including chocolates and candies from China has been extended upto June 23, 2017, Minister of State for health Anupriya Patel informed Lok Sabha today.

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The ban, which expired on June 23, is extended every year.

India had first imposed the ban in September 2008. It was apprehended that some milk consignments from the country contained melamine, a toxic chemical used for making plastics and fertilisers.

The Ministers also talked about “plastic rice and fake eggs”.

“FSSAI is aware about reports about import of plastic rice and fake eggs from China. An international Food Safety Authorities Network alert was also received on May 21, 2015 regarding import of plastic rice from China.

“The matter was taken up with various state governments which informed that no incidence of imported plastic rice has been reported in their respective states,” the Minister said.

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Patel further stated that, as per data available in Food Import Clearance System (FICS) of FSSAI, no import of rice and eggs has taken place from China since January 1, 2015.

Government also clarified that at present there was no proposal under consideration to ban the import of processed food from China.