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Arrest of Ministry officials shows ‘nexus between bureaucrats, corporate houses’: D. Raja


Communist Party Of India Leader D. RajaD. Raja

New Delhi: Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja said the arrest of Petroleum Ministry officials for allegedly leaking classified government documents shows that there is a nexus between bureaucrats and corporate houses.

“Whether the political leadership is also part of this nexus that we will have to wait and see. How the revelations are going to be and how the new facts are going to emerge?” Raja said.

“But I do not think it is an isolated incident. This practice must have been going on for long time. In the past also, we could come across reports that some budget papers were leaked to some corporate houses,” he added.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi earlier this evening confirmed that five people had been arrested for their alleged involvement in the leaking of classified documents from the Petroleum Ministry.

“Some people used to leak government documents papers from the government offices in an unauthorised manner for reward. On the basis of this information, we set up a trap at Shastri Bhawan. Three people were arrested with some classified papers. They were interrogated and on the basis of that interrogation, two more people have been detained,” Bassi told reporters here.

“Besides them, on the basis of interrogation of the accused who were arrested, we identified the recipients of the documents and we are examining them. We will conduct further investigation,” he added.

The Police Commissioner informed that those arrested were temporary multi-tasking staff in Shastri Bhawan and had been indulging in such activities for some time.

“These people used fake identities to enter the building, had duplicate keys, they stole the documents and photo-copied them,” he added.