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Anti-Corruption crusader Anna Hazare gets a cold shoulder from Indian media


Social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has been on indefinite hunger strike for last five days and looks like he is currently snubbed by the Indian media. Anna Hazare who chose Martyr’s Day to launch his hunger strike in Ram Lila Maidan and will continue protest till Centre concedes to his demands of setting up of Lokpal at Centre and Lokayuktas in states, and the implementation of Swaminathan Commission report, which has suggested ways to address the agrarian distress.

However, what exactly does the social activist want the Modi government to do for the country’s farmers? Hazare has demanded the setting up of an Agriculture Price Commission along with the lines of the Election Commission and the Niti Aayog.

Well even though Anna Hazare had announced this protest in advance, it looks like it has failed to gather same intensity as his earlier anti-corruption movement in 2011, which toppled the Congress-led UPA government back then. Back in 2011, people from all over the country supported Anna by donning “Main Anna Hoon” caps. The Congress back then was facing corruption charges though passed the Lokpal Act, under pressure from Anna’s anti-corruption movement. But, now the Modi government has not been able to appoint Lokpal to investigate cases of corruption.

Looking at Anna Hazare’s background and credibility of not backing down, the BJP-led government had sent a draft but Hazare said it was useless as it had nothing new but old assurances.

Anna Hazare has also alleged that he had written 21 letters to PM Narendra Modi, saying that he has failed to fulfil his promises made to farmers and on the Lokpal, but haven’t received any replies from him yet. “I have written 21 letters to PM Modi but did not receive any reply till date,” said Anna Hazare a few days back before starting his hunger strike.

Arvind Kejriwal onetime Anna’s main man, started his own political party, even though Anna Hazare was completely against it. But now Anna Hazare has also learned from his mistakes and this time he has laid down some strict rules for joining his movement. Rules are simple whoever joins the movement, signs affidavit which states, that they’ll neither join any political party/group nor will contest elections, ensure service to country, society and maintain good character. And he will not let any political party/group to come on his stage.

But something is off this time, maybe the entire movement was planned at the wrong time, as already Supreme Court had rapped government for failing to appoint Lokayuktas. But the question still stands why Indian media has snubbed Anna Hazare’s protest, earlier in 2011 was totally an opposite scenario where media covered Anna 24/7, the same media has given him a cold shoulder this time.