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Adequate toilets crucial for gender equality: Swamy


Subramanian SwamySubramanian Swamy

New Delhi: Modern sanitary toilet system was important for the nation’s economic growth and pro ision of adequate sanitation facilities was crucial for achieving gender equality, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today said.

Provision of an adequate toilet system is crucial for gender equality. Because the effects it has on the gender psychology, female psychology, when there is no toilets available and they have to go in the open field, which means they have to go in the night, which means that they are subject to attacks, sexual attacks,” he said, while addressinga gathering at the World Toilet Summit here.

He further said that toilets are an integral part of the health system of the society.

“Even in terms of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit ratios, provision of a modern toilet sanitary system is an extremely important part of the economic growth of a country,” Swamy said.

The BJP leader also observed that toilets are at the core of global sanitation crisis in the present scenario.