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Actor Prakash Raj takes a dig at BJP minister Satyapal Singh says, “man is evolving into an ape”


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Prakash Raj has taken a dig again and this time it is not PM Modi but one of his Minister Satyapal Singh, who has some issues with Darwin Theory. The actor took to his Twitter account and wrote ‘ our ancestors have not seen ape evolving into a man” says minister. But dear sir,..can you deny that we are witnessing..the reverse….man evolving into ape by digging the past and trying to take us back into STONE AGE……#justasking (sic),’ Raj tweeted in morning.

The comment came after the Minister said that Darwin Theory is scientifically wrong.‘I’m not coming from Arts background… I have completed my PhD in Chemistry from Delhi University,’ Singh told news channel NDTV. Singh’s Darwin remark sparked major controversy as many people took to Twitter for slamming the minister for his ‘unscientific approach’.

Singh also said that it should be changed in school and colleges.The Minister of State for Human Resource Development said, ‘our ancestors have nowhere mentioned that they saw an ape turning into a man.’ “Darwin’s theory (of evolution of humans) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Since the man is seen on Earth he has always been a man,” he said while speaking to reporters on Saturday.

He also said that “Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, have said they saw an ape turning into a man,”

“No books we have read or the tales told to us by our grandparents had such a mention,” the minister added.