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AAP has sent wrong message to people, could prove costly: Kiran Bedi


Noida: Former IPS officer and social activist Kiran Bedi on Wednesday accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of sending a wrong message out to the people through their two-day protest and added that it could prove costly for the AAP.

“Unless and until both sides have testified before the inquiry, there shouldn’t be a one-sided decision. It will be injustice, if this happens. Only the police officers were removed, but the minister (Somnath Bharti), against whom there are allegations, is still at his place. In the public’s eye, it is called injustice. It is unjust,” said Bedi

“A wrong message has been sent to the people by the AAP and by the central government for taking one-sided action. It will prove costly to both of them,” she added.

Bedi also said the morale of the police force is down, and there is a feeling among them that an injustice was done to them. And, in this particular case, she said the public, for the first time, is favoring the police.

“Now, the AAP is saying that if the allegations against the minister are proved, then action will be taken against him. Then why did they (AAP) hurry in getting the policemen removed? Why did they start their protest just to save him?” she asked.

Earlier today, in a statement recorded in front of a magistrate, the Ugandan national, who alleged that a group of people forcibly entered her house in south Delhi and molested her, identified Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti as the man who led the raid at her house last week.

The Ugandan woman was quoted as saying, “I identified Somnath Bharti because he came in the night then the next day I saw him on television. He was still putting on what I saw last night”, referring to the muffler that helped her identify him when he appearance on TV the next day.

The Delhi Police on Sunday had registered an FIR against unknown people following a court order, after the Ugandan nationals filed a complaint.

Bharti and his supporters have been accused of illegally detaining Ugandan women and forcing them to give medical tests.

Bharati alleged that a sex trade and drug peddling racket was flourishing in the locality with the help of foreign nationals.

He had demanded that the police take action against the offenders.