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Want to beat the heat? Try out these mocktails


Healthy mocktails for detox is the latest trend to beat the heat. SAPNA SARFARE finds ways to do just that and chill…

When the sun shows up close and personal, only a cool drink can save the day. Mocktails are the perfect option. And they are now getting a healthier makeover with the inclusion of healthy ingredients. They also have a detox effect on your body. It is time to get your hands on some interesting mocktails which are healthy, detox and help you beat the heat.

Perfect summer accompaniment
Robin Chawriy, Bartender at inAzia, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel has the most perfect answer to mocktails being ideal for summers. “The fact that we need to keep ourselves more hydrated and the need to quench the thirst make mocktails a hit. With appealing and refreshing taste along with the chill which is required to cool one down, mocktails are perfect for summer. In inAzia, our bartenders are fond of herbs, oriental elements and fresh fruits for cooling the heat around you.”
Justin Joy, Assistant Venue Manager at Mix, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace, agrees and adds, “Packed with fresh fruit and other nutritious ingredients, mocktails are festive and refreshing. They are highly underrated beverages. By using whole ingredients like fruits, natural sweeteners, herbs, bitters or fermented foods, you can blend or infuse healthy mocktails.”

Sip to well-being
Being heavy on more natural ingredients, mocktails are great on the health value. Joy reveals, “Mocktails supply you with essentials vitamins, proteins and minerals thus it can be called as a healthy tonic too. Using ingredients like mint helps not only in digestion and weight loss, but also flushes out all the toxins from the body.
Pradipto Pahar, Bartender at inAzia, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel also thinks the same. “Yes, mocktails can be healthy and great for detox if fresh ingredients are used along with some simple foods which have the Detox properties.”

Ingredients for health
Chawriy suggests the use of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and some herbs for healthy mocktails. “Also using some spices and honey will not only enhance the taste of the drink but also have healthy benefits.” Joy feels when mocktails are created in a healthy manner, they provide the benefits from the ingredients. “The best mocktails include healthy ingredients that offer the drinker not just a tasty beverage, but aren’t high in sugar or empty calories. Sparking mineral water is a great go-to base for a healthy mocktails. Adding freshly made juices is great too with the next best option being organic unsweetened juices. The worst mocktails are those loaded with refined sugars, artificial flavors or artificial colours.”

Added Points
One must complete the circle to get a great Mocktail drinking experience. Joy reveals, “Mocktails always looks presentable in long glasses like hurricane, tumblers, pilsner etc. The garnish actually imbues a bit of juice or citrus oil to the drink. Garnishes can be edible or non-edible can be chosen with related to the ingredients used to make the drink.”
Pahar agrees. “Fancy glasses can be used to make mocktails creative. Also, creative garnishes and the way the mocktails are presented add value to the drink.”

Herbal Delight

W_end_apr30_food 1
Mint, a few sprigs

15 ml Lime juice
Basil, some fresh leaves

2 tbsp Honey

350 ml Fresh Orange Juice

Blend all the ingredients in a blender with ice and. Serve in a tall glass with ice. Garnish with orange wheel and mint and mint sprig.

Recipe by Robin Chawriy

Oriental Fantasy

W_end_apr30_food 4


100 ml Jasmine Tea Extract

100 ml Litchi Juice

100 ml Grape Juice

Shake all the ingredients together in a Boston shaker. Double strain it to specified glassware with ice. Garnish it with fresh grapes and mint sprig.

Recipe by Pradipto Pahar

Herbal Fair

W_end_apr30_food 2


200 ml Orange Juice

10 Nos. Mint Leaves

10 Nos. Basil Leaves

2 Nos. Fennel Sticks, small

30 gms Honey
Ice Cubes

Blend everything together and serve it in a pilsner glass. Garnish it with orange slice and mint.

Recipe by Justin Joy

Lomi Lomi

W_end_apr30_food 3


60 ml Lemon Juice

60 gm Honey

20 gm Ginger
Ice Cubes

Blend everything together, to a semi frozen consistency and serve it in a pilsner glass. Garnish it with lemon and ginger.

Recipe by Justin Joy