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There is so much you can do with sausages


Sausages are more than just breakfast items and you can find different types to suit your taste palette. Sapna Sarfare digs deep into this much-loved item

We all have our favourites when it comes to certain breakfast items. For some, it’s eggs. Others love to gorge on their favourite Indian items, while quite a few are satisfied with the routine breakfast cereals or oats. Sausages are something which most non-vegetarians have had for breakfast. But many know little of the different varieties.

Not just morning stuff

Rohhan Joshi, Co-founder and Chief Innovator at Krustys Bistro and Bar located in Pune, does not find sausages limited. “Sausages have versatile use in appetizers, as toppings on pizza, in pastas, main courses like stews, cassoulets, casseroles or lasagne and more.”

Manu Gulati who is the Master Brewer and Founder of Pune-based Effingut Brewerkz thinks sausages are the basis of a hearty traditional breakfast but its modern use has redefined it. “Great by itself, it can also be used as a star element in dishes ranging from pizzas and pastas to soups and even bites from the bakery. Today it is definitely not limited to just breakfast!”

Taste and tang

Different sausages have different tastes and of course, different methods to eat them. Manu begins, “Different countries and regions were famous for their own unique creations. In UK, Cumberland sausages are still popular. An essential part of a full English/Irish breakfast, another popular way of having them is as ‘Bangers and Mash’, with mashed potatoes and gravy. Germany has a vast number of variants with the most popular being Frankfurters, Bratwurst and Bockwursts. Currywurst, a dish that’s popular at Effingut’s annual Oktoberfest, has also risen in popularity in recent years. The Goan chorizo deserves a special mention as one of the most famous examples in India. Developed due to the Portuguese presence, it is made from pork, vinegar and a number of local spices. Our favourite preparation is the Goan Chorizo Fry (available at Effingut Baner) a spicy, hearty preparation served with bread. Goan chorizo is also often used in the local ‘Sausage Pulao’.”

Rohhan mentions scalded sausages like the German Weisswurst or white sausages and Bockwurst sausages which use raw pork or veal seasoned with spices. “The Weisswurst is eaten by sucking the meat out of its outer casing and is best enjoyed with pretzels and wheat beer. The Bockwurst is eaten like a hot dog in a bun with mustard and fried onions. Bratwurst, another German sausage, is eaten with mustard inside a crusty bread roll called Brotchen. The Nurnberger is a type of Bratwurst that is flame grilled and is eaten with sauerkraut, potatoes and horseradish. A Currywurst is seasoned with curry powder and ketchup and is sold as street food in Germany.”

He then mentions the famed Chorizo – a smoked coarse pork sausage containing dried smoked red pepper and paprika. “It can be eaten in a variety of Tapas, goes very well with seafood like calamari, prawns, mussels, or can be used in hearty stews. The Boudin Noir or Black Pudding is a blood sausage made of pork and pig blood. They are best eaten grilled or fried and accompanied with apples. Merguez is a spicy mutton or beef sausage from North Africa and it is best eaten grilled.”

Best add-ons

Of course, certain ingredients make sausages taste smashing. Rohhan reveals, “Sausages go very well with mustard, fried onions, sauerkraut, red peppers, beer.”

Manu feels the meat is the most important aspect in any sausage. “It must be the right quantity to ensure cooking through and through. Aside from this, the ingredient is dependent on the type that is being prepared. Cumberland sausages might contain bread rusk or could be baked into a Yorkshire pudding to make ‘toad in the hole’. German sausages can contain marjoram, lemon zest, nutmeg, chives or parsley, depending on the type. Goan sausages owe a lot of their flavour to the cinnamon, red chilies and vinegar used in their preparation.”

Popular dishes

Some sausage dishes have found their way in the most loved list. Manu has already mentioned sausages being synonymous with an English or Irish breakfast like ‘Toad in the Hole (Yorkshire pudding)’. “Currywurst from Germany and Polish smoked sausages are equally popular in Europe, while the American Hot Dog is now available globally. Locally, the Goan Chorizo Fry and Sausage Pulao are both must haves on a visit to Goa.”

Rohhan lists some such dishes. “Boudin Noir Aux Pommes, Spanish Eggs with Chorizo and Peppers, Seafood and Chorizo Paella, Currywurst and Pepperoni Pizza are some such dishes.”

Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sausages


Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sausages:

130 gm (4 pcs) Smoked Sausages

50 gm Bacon

10 ml Oil

Mustard Mayo:

50 gm Mayonnaise

10 gm Mustard Paste

For Garnish:



In a clean bowl, mix the Mayonnaise and Mustard Paste together. Wrap each of the smoked sausages with bacon until they are securely held in place. In a non-stick pan, heat the oil and cook the bacon wrapped smoked sausages evenly till golden brown in colour. Plate the bacon wrapped sausages diagonally on a rectangular plate and drizzle mustard mayo over it. Finish with chopped parsley.

  • Recipe by Rohhan Joshi

Italian Sausages and Potato Chowder


400 gm Italian Hot Sausage Links

200 gm Onion, finely chopped

20 gm Garlic, peeled and finely chopped

50 gm Refined Flour

250 gm Potatoes Big

200 gm American Corn

40 gm Salted Butter

125 gm Red Bell Pepper

750 ml Chicken Stock

150 ml Cooking Cream, full fat

15 gm Fresh Thyme, finely chopped

40 gm Spring Onion, finely chopped

30 ml Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Crushed Black Pepper


Use heavy bottom stock pot for making this soup. Cut half quantity of potatoes in small cubes and boil them well-done and strain, cut the remaining peeled potatoes in rough chop manner and keep them immersed in water to retain colour. Cut the Italian sausages in medium thickness roundels. Cut red bell peppers in medium size cubes. Add olive oil and salted butter in stock pot, keep on medium flame. Add fine chopped onions and garlic and toss them on medium flame till they become translucent. Add the rough chopped peeled potatoes and toss further.

Add refined flour and toss further till the flour cooks well on medium flame. Add chicken stock and cover, cook further till the potatoes are cooked well. Remove the pot off the fire. Blend well using a stick blender to fine consistency. Heat olive oil in a fry pan, toss the red bell pepper cubes on high flame to get smoky flavour. Toss the roundels of Italian sausages in same pan on high flame. Toss the American corn in pan on high flame. Add the tossed peppers, American corn and sausages in the above soup, heat up the soup. Season the soup with salt and pepper, add fine chopped thyme. Finish the soup by adding in cream, remove from the flame. Serve hot in bread bowl.

  • Recipe by Manu Gulati