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Stir-fried Pearl Millets with Lemon Grass & Mango

In the first of a five part series, SAPNA SARFARE has ace celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani speaks about food trend to rock

Indians have come to the time in food history where their taste buds are slowly changing to taste different gastronomical delights from offbeat places. In such scenario, it might be an interesting insight to know what Indians can look forward to in 2016, in terms to food trend in this food crazy nation of ours. We asked five top chefs (and foodies) who truly understand their world to give us the lowdown on the food trends to hit this year.

This week, Vicky Ratnani, the world-renowned chef on the channel Living Foodz & famous for his show Vickypedia, talks about his view on the ever-changing food scene in India.

How has our food scene changed in the last few years, in terms of restaurants and our general tastes?

Indians want to see more of comfort Indian foods on the menu. Regional Indian and quirky presented street foods have become popular. Restaurants are also offering many healthy foods, which makes them a good destination to tickle the taste buds.

Vicky Ratnani

Vicky Ratnani

What cuisines are still popular but have changed slightly over the last few years in India?

Indian is very popular. It has been progressed to Modern Indian food as in many pre-plated Indian foods are in vogue with innovative presentations

In terms of certain food products or items, how have things changed?

Olive oil is being widely used in Indian homes. Organic foods like Quinoa, Millets, Red Rice, Sprouted Ragi, flour, are in use. Cold pressed juices & nut-based milk have been used. Craft Beers are on the rise.

What are the major food trends in 2016 to be seen in India, in terms of cuisines and products?

Virtual Brands delivering food to homes & offices though food-ordering apps and Home Chef Menus available on order are next. Pop-up restaurants are on the ball too.

Which is the one trend you would want to carry forward in 2016 from the last year or two?

Health conscious tasty meals, rise of the Home chefs and modern regional Indian cuisine…

Names Promoting the 2016 Food Trends

If you ask Vicky Ratnani regarding three places in Mumbai, which find his attention regarding the food trends for 2016, he is ready with the answer. Here is the list for all Mumbaikars to enjoy a lovely meal.

The Table

According to Vicky, this award-winning place in Colaba, Mumbai, is known to serve produce-driven menus. What it offers is global cuisine with a simple touch and flavour, which is out of the world. Its master chef Alex Sanchez has become a renowned name for his interesting amalgamation of diversity. The restaurant at Apollo Bunder Road near Taj Palace Hotel has become a landmark in a matter of few years.


sapna 3

Jackfruit & Radish Salad

Scootsy or Meal on Wheels as it was known before has caught on people’s fancy for delivering the best food from great eateries. Right from timely delivery of food to cakes and many other products, Scootsy has garnered appreciation in Mumbai for its services. For them, it is all about quality. Plus, you have an option of ordering through app, web or even telephone call.

Smoke House Deli

This popular Mumbai eatery located in Lower Parel, BKC and Pali Hill, serves healthy local grains and pulses in its varied menu. Apart from the menu, it is quite popular among the masses for its quaintness in terms of place and food. Right from nourishing soups to all day healthy breakfasts and many other fantastic options for complete meal, Smole House Deli has built a formidable reputation.

Other names worth noticing according to FPJ – This site has made it easy to order for chef made meals quickly. – This is another great site, which allows healthy meals by skilled chefs.
Poppaddum – This pop-up restaurant is the best place to sample time-honored South Indian meals twice a month. Visit the Facebook page, if you wish to visit. – Run by Insia Lacewalla and Paresh Chhabria, these enterprising individuals have been running pop-up restaurants successfully, apart from many other food-related stuff.

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