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Restaurants that serve Indian twist to the traditional Italian pizza


Yes, we love pizza but we are equally in love with our mirch-masalas. So what if pizza was invented in Italy, Indians have discovered more than one way to savour this European treat desi style, reports Sapna Sarfare

Cricket match: Order pizza. Movie date: Order pizza. Friends sleepover: Order pizza. There’s rarely an occasion that doesn’t suit pizza eating, and outlets mushroomed all over the country prove that. We are a pizza loving nation, and we also like to experiment. Restaurants in Mumbai are spirited about offering pizzas with interesting toppings. And they have becoming a rage among the city-dwellers. Read the ones which are worth looking at and eating too…

 Italian food probably is the second most loved foreign cuisine in India after Chinese and the fans of pizza are all over. Restaurants in Mumbai are spirited about offering pizzas with interesting toppings. And they have become Mumbaikars’ favourite too. Read the ones which are worth looking at and eating too.

The Goan Pork Chorizo Pizza at Woodside Inn

Woodside Inn offers the appetizing Goan Pork Chorizo Pizza which comes with peppered onions, cheese and a tomato base and the spicy deep red pork Goan Pork Chorizo or sausages. The basic idea is to mix some strong Indian with something international. Also, the strong & quite distinct flavour of the chorizo sausages does not need anything to support it. That is why the supporting ingredients are kept simple and minimal in this thin crust pizza. Taste Goa in Mumbai!

At: Several places in Mumbai

Cost for two: Rs 2000

Pav Bhaji Pizza at Bombay Vintagepv

The eatery offering remixed versions Mumbai fare offers an interesting Mumbaiyya creation called Pav Bhaji pizza. After all, Pav Bhaji is the ultimate food representative of the city that never sleeps after vada pav. The thin-crust pizza has a spread of the authentic-as-it-gets Bhaji and a good measure of mozzarella cheese.

At: Colaba

Cost for two: Rs 1200

Peri Peri Pizza at Francesco’s PizzeriaPeri Peri

Trying out the Peri Peri Pizza is a must at Francesco’s Pizzeria. You can eat this thin crust Pizza with glee which has neat sized Peri Peri chicken pieces (boneless of course) along with green onions, the cheesiest of mozzarella along with coriander and lime mayonnaise. You find it crispy which is tempting enough but the spice level is also its selling point.

At: Kemps Corner

Cost for two: Rs 1000

Jalapeno Popper Pizza & Cookie Pizza at The Playlist Pizzeriapizza cookie

The Playlist Pizza gives you its tasty Jalapeno Poppers Pizza which is aptly named ‘Drop the Game’. Their twist to this rather spicy but tempting pizza has bacon as its star attractions. You can also choose the delicious sounding Cookie Pizza which combines chocolate chips with 2 scoops vanilla ice cream scoop on a nine inch pizza along with chocolate sauce. It is more a cookie in pizza form.

At: Bandra west

Cost for two: Rs 1000

Workout Pizza at Juno’s Pizzajuno

This is what we call guilt-free pizza for the fitness freak’s soul. The Workout Pizza is your fit pizza which comes without cheese and with a whole wheat base, shredded cabbage and pizza sauce. It is not just gluten-free but is also vegan. You can get this special healthy pizza with two of your favourite toppings for free. Yum!

AtSeveral places in Mumbai

Cost for two: Rs 600

Misto Maire Pizza at Trattoriapizza

Seafood lovers will surely ahead for Misto Maire Pizza – part of the menu of Trattoria, a high-end Italian joint at the Taj Hotels. Get assorted best seafood toppings including anchovies, squids, tuna and prawns. Authentic & fresh flavours are a big deal here. The aim here is to mix local flavours along with a good dash of international.

At: Cuffe Parade

Cost for two: Rs 2500

Julia Roberts Special at Riso

Riso happens to be one of the few vegetarian Italian restaurants in Mumbai. And one of their offerings is the healthy Julia Roberts special. The fact that it is a Mediterranean pizza says it all. It includes onions, sun-dried tomatoes, capsicum, jalapenos and olives, marinated in chili oil with coriander & mozzarella topping. You also get a tomato sauce base.

At: Lower Parel

Cost for two: Rs 1400

Prosciutto Mirtilli Rosi E Caprino at Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria

Find medium crust stone oven pizzas with the freshest ingredients right here. The Prosciutto Mirtilli Rosi e Caprino at Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria has a distinctively appealing taste thanks to the atypical ingredients – prosciutto ham, cranberries and white goat cheese. Sweet & salty never worked better than this.

At: Bandra west ,Hill road

Cost for two: Rs 1400

Fried Chicken and Bacon Pizza with Gochujang and Scallion at Cafe Nemo

Named after Captain Nemo from Jules Verne’s classic, this eatery offers Fried Chicken and Bacon Pizza with Gochujang and Scallion amongst its many global creations. This pizza made up of fried chicken & bacon gets its flavours from the pungent Korean spice Gochujang and scallion. Neat!

At: Worli

Cost for two: Rs 2000

Nutella Pizza at 1441 Pizzerianutella pizza

A fabulous combination of two sinful pleasures! 1441 Pizzeria gives you the Nutella Pizza, a fantastic blend of marshmallows or fresh fruits and hazelnut spread over a crispy pizza. The result is simply heaven on earth. You taste the soft marshmellows over crisp pizza which is a fabulous combination. The sweetness of Nutella adds to the balance of flavours.

At: Fort and Andheri

Cost for two: Rs 1100

Cheese, Nachos & Fries Pizza at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Part of the amazing containing desserts and some original food, you will find the Cheese, Nachos & Fries Pizza which is a thin crust pizza with nachos and fries on cheese topping. And then you have the chicken version too. Not for the faint hearted!

At: Oshiwara 

Cost for two: Rs 800

Magizza at Hungry Head

An adda for all Maggi lovers, one of Hungry Head’s unique is the Magizza which is basically Maggi over pizza. A ready-made pizza base has the topping of Maggi, three types of cheese (loads of it), olives and jalapenos. What can be better than a pizza which is spicy, cheesy and also allows you to taste your favourite noodles with it? Sounds good to our stomachs!

At: Powai

Cost for two: Rs 800

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