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Ramadan 2016: Mohammed Ali Road brings to you a feast fit for the Gods


The tradition of breaking a fast and sitting down to Iftar doesn’t get any more gastronomical than the lavish treats of Muhammad Ali Road. What could be more rewarding than a humble fast followed by a delish feast?

Named after Mohammed Ali Jouhar, one of the leading figures of the Khilafat Movement, this bustling lane is embedded with legendary resteraunts, and, pop-up stalls that encite you with recipies that go back generations.

Mohammed Ali road is a perfect haven for meat lovers; however it provides a plethora of options for all kinds of foodies. From sizzling tikkas, fluffy naans, succulent kebabs, and mouth watering malpuas, there is something for everyone at this food paradise. So plunge yourselves into some lip smacking delicacies as you seep into the aura of festivity.

If you wish to enjoy and experience a well planned three course meal street style, here are some of our best picks to choose from.


Best Pick: Chicken Baida Roti
Timings for Ramadan: 4 pm- 4 am

Lariab Fast Food Centre Baida Roti

Lariab Fast Food Centre Baida Roti

They flagged themselves in the early 40s as a small shack and have maintained their authenticity since then. Their bestseller is Baida Roti also known as Burma Roti which is a roll of flatbread stuffed with mutton or chicken, green chillies, egg and spices with a side of red onions and lime. It definitely seems the perfect option to commence your voyage of food tasting.

Janata fast food

Best Pick: Gurda Masala
Timings for Ramadan: 7 pm -4 am

Gurda Masala at Janata Fast Food

Gurda Masala at Janata Fast Food

Once you’ve got the gist of appetizing flavours, you can head to Janata fast food to perk up this experience. Being in business for the past 25 years, this food stop has more to offer at a very reasonable price. Their Gurda Masala is light gravy served with bread of your choice, which is a quintessential dish to try.

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Best Pick: Chicken Soup
Timings for Ramadan: 5 pm – 4 am



Starters can definitely not be complete without washing it down with some soup. Set in 1946, Bademiya is a well known name when it comes to bona fide Ramadan cuisine. This one at Minara Masjid specializes in only soups and finger food. Their successful amalgam is a hot piping bowl of Chicken Soup, concealed with secret spices only to embrace you speechless with its mind boggling taste.

Chinese n Grill

Best pick: Crispy Thread Chicken
Timings for Ramadan: 8:30 pm – 3 am

At iftar, the crowd begins to promenade in large numbers entreating for delectable delights. Chinese n Grill startles their glorious skewers laden with meat sizzling on a fiery rack. Though the name of this restaurant may perplex you, however they specialize in serving the best of Ramadan delicacies for over 16 years. One of the managers at Chinese n Grill says, “People keep coming back for our Crispy Thread Chicken, a popular dish that has boneless chicken, covered in noodles. It is a favourite among kids and you will definitely find it on many tables here.”

Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Best Pick: Nalli Nahari
Timings for Ramadan: 6 am to 1:30 am (post midnight)

Nalli Nahari at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Nalli Nahari at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

If you feel the need to explore a little ahead of Mohammad Ali road, walk down towards Bohri Mohalla to Noor Mohammadi Hotel. Established in 1923, this restaurant is running its third generation in business to continue the legacy. Owned by the Hakims, they claim to have invented the famous dish Nalli Nahari-their best pick, which paved its way to other places including five star hotels.

Celebrities have also made it to this restaurant and have left a mark to give more reasons to visit during Ramadan. Owner Khalid Hakim says, “Sanjay Dutt gave his personal recipe and asked to sell it in his name called Chicken Sanju Baba. I did it not expect it to work well but I have to agree that apart from a good actor he is also a great chef.” The Hakims have also expanded themselves in selling their special spices to customers who wish to give a hand at their dishes with ease.

Chicken Sanju Baba at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Chicken Sanju Baba at Noor Mohammadi Hotel

Burhanpur Jalebi Centre

Best Pick: Mawa Jalebi
Timings for Ramadan: 2 pm to 4 am

Once you feel your tummy saying no more but your mind knows there is always room for dessert, head back to the food lane to indulge in sinful pleasures. Burhanpur Jalebi Centre is a small sweet joint since 13 years serving mawa jalebi a must try sweet this holy season.

Suleman Usman Mithaiwala

Best Pick: Malpuas
Timings for Ramadan: 24 hours

Malpuas at Suleman Usman Mithaiwala

Malpuas at Suleman Usman Mithaiwala

Suleman Usman Mithaiwala is a brand of flawless sweets by default that are best known for their aflatoon and phirnis. Their grand entrance welcomes you with a brow raising view of large pots of oil deep frying golden, soft and chewy malpuas, perfect to end this foodilicous cruise.

The holy month of Ramadan is a journey of togetherness enveloped in food as glorious combination of brotherhood. One can easily dwell into the atmosphere of this place as people across the city come over to feast in a splendid galore.

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