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Monsoon Cravings: Try these hot and fried nibbles


Satiate your monsoon cravings with these crispy fried nibbles, balanced by a healthy salad and hot soup

The rains are finally here, bringing much-needed respite from the scorching heat. Accompanying the burst of greenery is the revitalising of sun-dried soil and the filling of rivers and lakes.

Speak of the monsoon and what comes to mind (apart from potholes, water-logging and traffic jams) is a walk around Marine Drive eating bhutta, or chana chor garam, or simply relaxing at home with a hot brew and some bhajiyas…Indeed, no monsoon is complete without indulging in crispy fried rainy day specials – hot and fried is what the season makes you crave.

Up ahead on the menu are the expected appetisers combined with some offbeat monsoon choices including a healthy salad (for the fitness enthusiasts who would go nowhere near fried stuff), hot soup and other international specials.

Executive Sous Chef, Lokesh Jarodia, from Novotel Imagica, Khopoli whips up some delicious monsoon recipes for our readers. Tuck in!

Vegetable Som Tam salad

Shredded raw papaya – 150 gm Shredded raw papaya – 150 gm n Carrot julienne – 30 gm n French bean diamond – 30 gm n Cherry tomato – 30 ml n Garlic chopped – 5 gm n Crush mix chilli – 30-30 n Som tam dressing – 45 ml n Peanut roasted crushed –10 gm n Peanut roasted – 5gm

Method:Pound chillies and garlic together in a mortar. Add beans and pound.n Add som tam sauce and mix well. Add crushed roasted peanut.n Add cherry tomato, raw papaya and carrot and mix well.n Serve in a platter and garnish with roasted peanuts.

Crispy Calamari Rings

Squid rings – 110 gmSquid rings – 110 gmn Tempura batter – 60 gm n Half a Lemonn Parsley sprig –1 n Thai chilli sauce – 20 ml n Refined flour (Maida) – 20 gm n Garlic confit – 5 gm

Method:Dust the squid rings with refined flour.n Dip in the tempura batter and deep fry till golden in colour.n Serve with half lemon, garlic confit, thai chilli sauce and parsley sprig.

Vegetable Pakoda

Carrot julienne – 40 gm Carrot julienne – 40 gm n Potato sliced – 40 n Onion sliced – 40 gm n Capsicum julienne – 40 gm n Besan – 120 gm n Corn flour – 20 gm n Mint chutney – 40 gm n Banana leaf – 1 n Sunflower oil – 40 ml n Chat masala – 1 gm

Method: Mix all the vegetables with the besan batter.n Deep fry till golden brown. Remove and cut into small pieces. Toss with chat masala.n Serve with mint chutney.

Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Roll

Rice paper sheets – 2  Rice paper sheets – 2 n Tofu batons –20 gm n Pickled vegetables – 20 gm n Peanut crushed – 10 gm n Glass noodle soaked – 30 gm n Ice berg lettuce julienne – 5 gm n Thai red chilli sliced – 1 gm n Banana leaf – 1 n Spring onion sprig – 1gm n Red pepper julienne – 10 gm n A few fresh mint leafsn A few fresh coriander leafsn Kikkoman soya – 60 ml n White sesame seeds – 2gm

Method: Soak rice paper sheets in water for 35 seconds.n Place on chopping board and remove excess water.n Place iceberg julienne, dressed glass noodle, deep fried tofu, pickled vegetables, red pepper julienne, coriander leaves, mint leaf and crushed peanuts.n Place one slice of chilli and roll as for spring roll. Cut each roll into two triangular pieces.n Place banana leaf on platter. Arrange rolls and serve.

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