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Marika’s Healthy Kitchen: Health at your doorsteps


If you long for a body like Hrithik Roshan or Katrina Kaif, but are unsure of a diet plan, Marika’s Healthy Kitchen can come to your aid, says Sonali Pimputkar

It’s an uphill task to maintain a healthy kitchen. And the founders of ‘6 Pack Meals’ too had to face a lot of challenges. Founded by Nigel Jairaj, the healthy food delivery service used to provide six nutrition-packed meals a day, made with organic ingredients minus preservatives. However, the service had to be wound up when it came to notice that the chefs used to compromise with the health and fitness of the clients in order to make the food tastier. The founders have now come-up with a new venture ‘Marika’s Healthy Kitchen’.

The new venture is headed by Nigel Jairaj and Marika Johansson, celebrity fitness consultant and Hrithik Roshan’s nutritionist for the movie Krrish 3. The meals are made by a team of master chefs. For the mainstream foodies it offers two-six meals per day. Besides, it also offers protein muffins, nut butters, protein cookies, homemade granola and organic tea, among others. Here Nigel talks about the new venture and how it is different from the rest.

6 Pack Meals had a well-known celebrity clientele. What was the reason behind shutting the operations of 6 Pack Meals?

Marika and I started 6 Pack Meals to improve health and fitness for our celebrity clients – Sushant Singh Rajput, Sidharth Malholtra, Ranbir Kapoor, The Roshans, Athyia Shetty, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and Shahid Kapoor, among others. So we educated two hotel management pass outs (commis) about the healthy and unhealthy ingredients and also trained them about the right cooking method. Unfortunately it is hard to sync if not everyone in the company have an understanding of health and fitness and the importance of clean and accurate food. As for an example, they started adding sauces to food which contained a lot of calories and also hampered the diet.  Since every one of our clients has their specific diet we can’t do mass production. After many trials to make it work we decided to part ways as we felt our reputation was hurt and we needed set all right Marika's Mush

What will the new venture target?
We will still provide our premier clientele with healthy, organic and fresh food to their door step but now with more innovation and customisation for each client. We also offer meals for low carb diets, keto diets, mass gaining diets, caveman diet, detox, pregnancy diet and many more. Now everyone can enjoy and get a taste of our favourite celebrity’s food. Besides, Marika will conduct fitness cooking classes that include theoretical and practical education.

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Your services seems extremely personalised, do you see yourself scaling up your operations to cater to a wider clientele?
Our vision is to serve the premium package to our clients since there is a big demand and need for it in Bollywood and Mumbai. We will also reach out to the mainstream clientele in gyms, offices and other places with a more economic package. We want everyone to be able to enjoy healthy eating for a better well-being and help them reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.

What are the three most popular dishes that you offer? Could you provide us with one of the recipes?
Mush, the dish is invented by Marika Johansson during her professional bodybuilding competitive years in USA.  It is a breakfast dish that comes with different fruit and nut topping for the sweet loving breakfast eater. It contains a good balance of oats and egg whites but cooked in a way to make it taste like a dessert more than a breakfast. Besides, you can also try Mexican Tuna burgers and Paneer tarte.


  • Ranbir Kapoor

I wanted to change my eating habits and diet. Hence, I asked Marika for help. I started to eat her balanced healthy food every three hours to keep my metabolism high and burn fat while feeling energised. Her food is very tasty. Under Marika’s directions, the stress melts away as I know what to eat and how to cook it.

  • Sidharth Malholtra

Marika changed my diet completely for my role in the movie, Brothers. She taught me the importance of fuelling the body to help it recover from the hard and intense martial art and weightlifting workouts. I gained 10- 12 pounds by eating clean, healthy and protein-filled diet food five times a day. To get the buff fighter look, I resisted all junk food and sweets as the food were so well balanced and tasty. It is a pity that after Brothers, I had to lose my muscled look for the next movie.

  • Alia Bhatt

Dieting is the toughest part of maintaining a fit physique. While workouts are fun, dieting can be taxing. Thanks to Marika, I enjoy it now. Her gourmet meals are very tasty and healthy. The food is cooked with great care. The sheer variety in the daily meals is truly remarkable and makes dieting a pleasure experience.

  • Ranveer Singh

My battle with my sweet tooth is an unending one. Marika showed me how I could have my sweet tooth and still get in the right nutrition. The healthy muffins she prepared for me are to die for.