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Junkyard Cafe: Explore the Delhi chain’s healthy treats in Mumbai!


Photo Credit: Vaibhav Panchal

Sonali Pimputkar does recce of the famous Delhi chain which is opening an outlet in Mumbai too.

“A place that serves healthy & junk,
One that’s got a little funk.
Made with stuff that most throw,
Here it’s a part of the show.
Welcome to the #Junkyard,”

And so goes the first page of the menu of the recently opened Junkyard Cafe. The cafe is located in Bandra and as the name suggests has rustic automobile parts as a decor with a garage-like vibe to it. Utilising junk in a beautiful way is what the cafe has mastered well. With tyres on the wall, scooters and drums as seats, vintage graphics, a disco dancer art work created with nuts and other waste products welcomes you to an all-together different world. When asked Umang Tiwari about the funky decor, he says, “As the name suggests, it has a lot of junk recycled and incorporated in the theme. The decor is deriving inspiration from vintage garages and old spacious industrial locations. The concept is to combine luxury with junk.”

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Photo Credit: Vaibhav Panchal

The restro-pub has three outlets in Delhi. The chain is popular in the capital city for creating a swirl in the nightlife of the city. And is all set to do the same in Mumbai, with two sections — ground floor for commercial, pop and hip-hop music while the first floor for underground, techno, tech house, drum & bass and Live Electronica.

The food is a blend of Indian, Asian and continental cuisine with a variety of seafood and features everything from pizza, pasta, burgers and dim sums. The first section of the menu is called ‘Nutritious Food’ and features salad, starters and mains with a detailed description of the food along with the accurate percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. While the second half of the menu is called ‘Indulgent Food’.

It was a Friday afternoon and we choose to sit in the outdoor area with music being played in the background. To start with we picked the Beijing Chicken diced with Sichuan and black pepper (Rs 345). The dish was a standout with crisp, light and dense with flavours. The vegetarian appetiser we tried was the Burmese Bhel (Rs 355) savoured with baby papdis, topped with chick peas, pomegranate, coriander, sev, onion and tomato. The papdis are a party in the mouth with rainbow flavours. You would love the bhel if you are a chat lover.

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Photo Credit: Vaibhav Panchal

For mains we opted for Grilled stuffed chicken Italiana (Rs 445). The chicken bites are melt-in-the-mouth made with moist and delicious all white meat chicken stuffed with bocconcini, basil and tomato. For something more exotic, we tried Vegetable Thai Green Curry (Rs 395). The curry has the right amount of heat and balanced rich coconut milk replete with mushrooms, broccoli and cabbage with a mould of steamed rice – is a great choice.

If you are a non-drinker beware when you order your drinks. As before placing the order we requested the staff for a virgin cocktail but the one we got had alcohol, on confirming with staff the drink was replaced by a fresh fruit Pinacolada (Rs 495) and Mojito (Rs 495).

Where: Junkyard Cafe, 164, Hill Road, Bandra West
On: Daily between 2 pm and 1 am