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International Coffee Day: Indian coffee brands you should know about


International Coffee Day,

 How can things be bad when there is coffee in the world? Asks Misbaah Mansuri.

Just one whiff and it’s enough to perk your mood up. The aroma itself producing breath-taking thrills. Bitter yet invitingly warm, it fills the atmosphere making your taste buds ache for it. As you merely deeply inhale the strong, undeniable scent, everything around you seems much better. Yes, happiness is a strong, passionate cup of coffee!

For many of us, nothing gets done until the time there is coffee running through our veins. Also, it’s really easy to go from drinking your first cup of coffee ever to not being able to function at all without one. From that point, it’s only a matter of time till you experience the most intense skull-splitting headache of your life if you should suddenly decide to forego a cup one morning.

Coffee has indeed become an undeniably, important part of so many of our lives! So let’s celebrate International Coffee Day by taking a sneak peek at some of the best artisanal coffee roasts to watch out for!

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From the ground up

The magic to the perfect coffee a perfect roast. This is being understood and worked on by entrepreneurs who are catering to coffee enthusiasts seeking for freshly roasted, ground coffee. These are some of the coffee roasts to watch out for which are making the process of getting artisanal coffee easier.

The Blue Tokaijaypore_cover3

A venture by Matt Chitharanjan and Namrata Asthana, the Blue Tokai dispatches the coffee it grinds within 24 hours of its roasting. The package also includes the roasting date. They also customize the roast according to individual preferences. The venture was started by the couple when they witnessed a dearth of freshly, roasted Arabica in the north. “We encourage people to drop by to the Blue Tokai Café to get a glimpse of the roasting process,” explain the coffee enthusiasts.

Recommendation: The sweet, nutty and dark-flavored Attikan Estate Coffee

Contact: 09821126015

The Indian Bean        

Started by Kunal Ross, the Indian Bean is a result of the entrepreneur’s holiday to the Watapi farm which made him realize the need to do the roast. The venture was started in October 2012. The roasting process of the Indian Bean takes place in Mysore. “Our coffees are also available at the Leaping Windows located at Yari Road, Mumbai,” says Kunal who has also set up the coffee space. Most of the varieties of the Indian Bean are single-estate coffees, carefully sourced coffee from various regions in the South.

Recommendation: The addictive Malnad Coffee (South Indian filter)

Contact: 09820745916

The Flying Squirrelflyingsquirrel-f

Ashish Dabreo’s love for drinking fresh coffee from the Coorg got him to start up the Flying Squirrel. He joined hands with his friend Tej Thammaiah. They sell seven different types of coffee, some with 100% Arabica or an organic one. Their pulp-sun dried variety is one of the few favorites.  There is always the taster’s pack if you are confused! “The Monsoon Malabar coffee is one of our signature ones,” says Ashish.

Recommendation: The intense, luxury blend Parama coffee

Contact: 09845067233 / 09901522025

Seven Beans Coffee Companyseven-beans-coffee-company

Founded by Abhijit Shetty whose family has been into the coffee cultivation business for more than 100 years, the Seven Beans Coffee Company combines four generations of Italian roasting expertise. Their Indian origin coffees named Urja, Mishta and Ekta are extremely well-known among coffee connoisseurs. The enterprise combines Indian and Italian roasters. The founders explain that the coffee needs to brewed using an aeropress, French press or coffee filter.

Recommendation: The dark and caramel-flavoured, Mishta

Contact: 08025570097 / 08025570098

 A quirky, coffee innovation by the Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad

Name: All eyes on ice

Thought Process: “Why always an iced coffee, why not a coffee ice”


This one coffee gives you a choice of choosing three flavour options from one coffee. A cold coffee is at its best in taste and flavor when the ingredient is at its best, this recipe has the best and best of ingredients including the ice used. As the ice itself is a surprising ingredient of this coffee.


Ice made of espresso in a glass and choice of toppings like cold chocolate milk, Sprite and Soda to make it café mocha, café lemonade, and frappe respectively

Recipe credits: Chef Kapil Dubey, Executive Chef at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, Gachibowli.