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Get into festive feast mode at South High


Nichola Pais gets into festive feast mode at South High – and it’s all year round

The Sunday after Onam is Raksha Bandhan and the revelry in-house is infectious. Festival time eh, we try hollering above the din to the amiable Ashok and Albert, who are juggling dishes at the colourful and crowded diner. They grin and shake their heads – apparently it’s the same every weekend! If more proof were needed that South High Kitchen and Bar has found more than its fair share of fans, this is it: entire table-loads of happy families, chomping their way through a range of dishes from the south of the Vindhyas, washed down with some delicious Jigar Kulir (coconut water livened up with jaggery, cinnamon and basil seeds) or some good ol’ cold beer.

Here’s a quick journey through our food trail: Chettinad Poriyal Chicken and Kerala Pepper Fry Chicken to whet the appetite along with morsels of the fluffiest idlis tossed in ghee and podi – one forkful is proof of why the Quick Gun Murugan Idli is such a fave. You will be hard-pressed to find pork as flavoursome and tender as the Coorg Pork Roast which vanishes easily off the plates. The mains don’t disappoint either. There’s a Mangaluru Tava Fry Surmai redolent with spices, the Kadipatta Katal Prawn, a Chicken Gassi and finally the Krispi Squid Podi that pretty much wins the vote for the carnivores. The veg thali comes sadhya- style on a green banana leaf, with all the trimmings including pickles, papads, veggie preparations, mini uthappams, puris and a refreshing cucumber pachadi. Striking a traditionally sweet note at the end are the payasam, sooji halwa and Mysore pak.

Hotfoot it to your nearest South High outlet – a feast awaits.