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Foodies delight: Food trends that took centre stage in 2017


It’s time to reflect on some food trends that took centre stage in 2017. Sapna Sarfare finds out some such developments.

2017 has just reached its end. Old trends need to be reminisced and newer ones are just around the corner. Food trends are always much awaited and 2017 saw some amazing food trends tempting each and every food-lover. Let’s chat about food trends that made 2017 a foodie’s year.


Regional specialities are always a favourite and Mexican staple Tacos became a re-hit in 2017. This tortilla based treat was now filled with some unusual ones too. Of course, they became a favourite on Instagram. Another Mexican favourite, Queso, became a popular dip in the masses.

Israeli Food became the cuisine of 2017 thanks to its interesting mix of different ethnic flavours. Right its middle-eastern staples & ingredients to acceptance of flavours brought by Jewish Diaspora from the world over; it became a popular trend for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Israeli Food, Falafel balls

People in 2017 also became addicted to the Street Food Menu trend. Right from Vietnamese, Thai, Middle-eastern to Indian and American, world street food once common man’s food became the toast of the rich.

SOMETHING TO DRINK (Matcha, Turmeric Lattes)

Turmeric Latte

What is food without drinks? Low & Non-alcoholic Drinks are adding an extra touch to foods and drinks like turmeric shots, mocktails and cold-pressed juices had excited people all around. Kombucha, a part of the above-mentioned trend, needs special mention. A great weight loss method, the probiotics in the fermented tea acted to solve gut-related troubles.


The Japanese tea variety Matcha created waves in 2017 and is still riding on popularity. Packed with anti-oxidants, it is not just a part of popular drinks like Matcha Lattes but also of dishes like muffins. Many in the west went bonkers over Turmeric Lattes which for Indians was Haldiwala Doodh. This fascination amused a lot of desis.

Craft Beer

It was the year for Craft Beer trend with smaller (read local) breweries staking a claim to people’s tastes. It was all about originality in recipes and a bigger value to good taste. In fact, this trend will will just continue to grow.

INTERESTING INGREDIENTS (Exotic Grains, plant based proteins)

Plant-based Proteins

Of course, exciting ingredients too have caught the fancy. There is Sea Vegetables, an appealing option for vegetarians and vegans. It is healthy and also can be part of main dish or even snacks. You have the Japanese favourite seaweed. There is Nori which is used in Sushi, soups and more.

Exotic Grains made it big in 2017 especially the gluten-free one. Grains like Quinoa, chia, sorghum and farro created waves. Edible Insects became popular though it always was presence in South-east Asian countries. Though tasty, it had 50-50 popularity value.

Sea Vegetables

Plant-based Proteins took centre stage replacing meat for the health-conscious. Not just vegetarians, even non-vegetarians fully took to this trend. With more revelation of sugar’s bad effects, the trend was Sugar Alternatives and that too ones which do not deprive you of the sugary taste. One option was the plant-based stevia.

SOMETHING TECHNICAL (Savoury Desserts, Insta Pots)  

Insta Pots

Pickling or Fermenting made it big again in the year. Whether it is the veggie of the moment or something else, pickling & fermenting was everyone’s favourite healthy option. Think Kimchi, Kombucha or even Yucatan varieties.

Insta Pots was quite a healthy rage wherein conventional meals (think stews, etc) were made in one instant pots. Super-fast and easy, it became a boon for those who could not afford to waste time but wanted something healthy.

Being healthy became a war cry and the Clean Label trend rose. The need for authentic & organic food grew and so did the need for reduction in artificial ingredients in packets. It was reclaiming healthy eating in packed food.

Apricot Cheesecake

2017 saw Savoury Desserts quickly rise in popularity. Its only criterion was the taste that is unexpected but went well together with other ingredients. So, you saw dishes like Stilton and Apricot Cheesecake, Matured Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream with Tomato and Vanilla Compote & Butternut Squash Dessert.

ON A QUIRK (Activated Charcoal, Avocado toast)

Avocado Toast

Quirky food trends just have to be mentioned. Zero Waste trend became big and quite eco-friendly. This included making exact quantity meals to using leftovers of every kind to make new dishes, we saw a lot of dishes that tasted great and did not waste things.

Activated Charcoal became big for two reasons – it was something black and everything healthy. Everything from ice-creams to croissants and cocktails came in black and suddenly social media went bonkers with the Goth-inspired food trend.

The Sushi Burgers trend mixed two popular food cultures together. Sushi fillings like Spicy Tuna broke traditions to partner with burgers. The result was good taste and amazing photographs. Vegan Burgers trend tempted the taste buds of those looking for non-meat options. The excellent use of offbeat or at times neglected veggies just had every salivating.

Pink Chocolate

Avocado Toast became a rage amongst breakfast lovers all over the world. The amount of Instagram photos seen were a proof to that. Pink Chocolate Trend or Ruby as it is also known came into existence in 2017 and caught everyone’s attention courtesy its pinkish colour and berry like taste. It is indulging in something offbeat but without losing the chocolate spirit.

It’s time to just reflect on trends that amazed us in 2017 and taste something new in 2018.


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