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Did you know these health benefits of eating chicken?


Your all-time favourite meat is not just lip-smacking but healthy too! Here we present you some of the lesser known health benefits of eating chicken

Considering the diverse ways in which Chicken can be cooked while tasting as good as ever, anyway it is cooked. What most don’t know are the benefits of this ever so popular meat.

Here’s why you should say yes to chicken:

Weight Loss

Since chicken contains protein and develops lean muscles, it helps reduce weight immensely. In fact, a lot of bodybuilders include chicken in their diet in order to have their muscles built and their weight maintained. Including chicken in diet has proven to help a lot of people lose weight.

Common Cold

Slurping up some nice, warm chicken soup has proven to help get rid of common cold and also help fight sore throat and congestion in the nose.

Relieves Stress

Not only does chicken taste good and make you strong, it also is very effective turning your frown upside down. Chicken contains tryptophan that gives you that comforting feeling after a nice bowl of warm soup. With that chicken also increases your serotonin level that gets your mood enhanced.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Studies show that chicken helps reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Though it is not conclusive, it has been studied that it has definitely been able to lower cancer risk.


If you are looking for ways to provide your body with some nice form of protein, chicken is the best way to get it. Chicken contains a lot of protein that can help in lean muscle building.

Szechwan Chicken Wings (Non Veg)


  1. 10 ml Chilli oil
  2. 5 gm Dry Red Chilli
  3. 3 gm Chopped Ginger
  4. 5 gm of Garlic
  5. 10 gm Chopped onions
  6. 5 gm Chopped celery
  7. 2 gm Chopped fresh red chilli
  8. 6 pcs Fried chicken wings
  9. Medium portion Schezwan and hoisin sauce
  10. Small portions of aromat powder, light soy, corn starch, Chinese wine, chilli oil, spring onions, salt, star anise and white vinegar


  1. Take oil and put dry red chilli, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, chopped celery, chopped onions, Schezwan sauce, hoisin sauce, salt, aromat powder, light soy, corn starch, and chicken wings and toss it evenly and finish it by vinegar, Chinese wine and few drops of chilli oil.
  2. Garnish the wings with spring onions and diamond cut red chillies.
  3. Take oil and put star anise and fry it till you get fragrance. Add dry red chilli, chopped garlic, ginger, celery and onions and fry it till the onions becomes golden colour. Then add chilli paste, seasoning, pepper powder and Chinese wine. Cook for 10 min. The dip is ready.
  4. Serve the dip with wings.

Hoisin Chicken Rice Bowl (Non Veg)


Marinade for the meat:

10 gm Chilli Paste

3 gm Garlic Paste

5 ml Sesame Oil

2 ml Dark Soya

1 gm Light Soya

2 ml Rice Wine Vinegar

3 gm Fine Chopped Ginger

30 ml Hosini Sauce

1 gm Salt

1 gm Pepper

170 gm Chicken Breast

Vegetables in Hoisin Sauce:

3 gm Chopped Garlic

5 gm Chopped Onion

5 gm Chopped Ginger

10 gm Chopped Celery

10 gm Chilli Paste

2 ml Dark Soya

2 ml Light Soya

2 ml Rice Wine Vinegar

1 gm Aromat Seasoning

Salt to Taste

1 gm Pepper

5 gm Diluted Cornflour

2 gm Chopped Red Chilli

30 ml Hoisin Sauce

1 gm Chopped Spring Onion

20 gm Carrot

20 gm Pepper

5 gm Chinese Cabbage

5 gm Broccoli

10 gm Button Mushroom, one by two

3 ml Oil

10 gm Bokchoy

50 ml Vegetable Stock

For Chilli Garlic Fried Rice:

10 gm Brunoised Cut Carrot

180 gm Boiled Rice

10 gm Brunoised Cut Beans

10 gm Brunoised Cut Mix Peppers

5 gm Chopped Cabbage

5 gm Chopped Onion

1 gm Chopped Red Chilli

2 gm Chopped Garlic

Salt to taste

1 gm Pepper

1 ml Vinegar

2 ml Dark Soya

2 ml Light Soya

1 gm Sugar

1 gm Aromatic Seasoning

3 ml Oil

1 gm Chopped Spring Onion

 Preparation Method:

  • Take a chilli paste, garlic paste, light soya, dark soya, vinegar and finally chopped ginger and hoisin sauce. Mix the margination well.
  • Add the chicken breast to the margination keep it marinated overnight.
  • Gill the meat well on the griller till its full cooked and then slice it.
  • Sautee onion and garlic.
  • Chopped ginger and celery. Add chilli paste, cook it and then add chicken stock, sauces and finish it with diluted corn flour.
  • Toss vegetables with the sauce add it on top of the rice bowl. Add little sauce on top of the sliced grilled meat.
  • Chilli Garlic Fried Rice– Stir fry onion, cabbage, garlic, beans, carrot, and peppers. Add chilli paste and chopped red chilli. Add boiled rice, toss it well with vinegar, light soya, dark soya adjust seasoning add chopped spring onion.

Creamy Spaghetti Chicken Charcuterie


150 gm Spaghetti

90 gm Chicken Frankfurter

50 gm Chicken Bacon

20 gm Onion (julienne)

3 gm Chopped Garlic

3 gm Red Chilli, sliced

20 gm Cherry Tomato, cut in half

25 gm Demi Glaze Powder

100 ml Water/ Stock

20 gm Fresh Cream

5 ml Oilve Oil

3 gm Salt

2 gm Pepper

2 gm Chopped Parsley

Preparation Method:

  1. Blanch spaghetti pasta in salted boiling water and strain. Drizzle oil, mix and keep aside to cool.
  2. Cut chicken bacon in strips and chicken frankfurter in slices.
  3. Heat water in a saucepan, mix demiglace powder and bring to boil. Simmer to sauce consistency.
  4. Heat oil in a pan, Sautee chicken bacon followed by chicken frankfurter. Toss well. Add julienne onion, chopped garlic and chilli.
  5. Once onion is translucent, add jus, season with salt and pepper. Toss blanched spaghetti in it. Mix well.
  6. Add fresh cream towards finish. Mix cherry tomatoes. Toss well and check seasoning. Garnish with fine chopped parsley.

Serving Suggestion:  Goes well with Garlic bread.

— Recipes by Fresh Menu