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Baisakhi 2018: Dal Makhni, Achari Mutton and more, feast on these 10 Punjabi dishes this Punjabi New Year


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Baisakhi, also known as Vaisakhi, is celebrated with great fervour in North Indian regions – especially Punjab. The day marks the celebration of the harvest festival and also the foundation day of Sikkhism. According to a legend in Sikkhism, in 1567 on Baisakhi, Guru Amar Das had first institutionalised Baisakhi as the day when all the Sikh community will gather to seek guru’s blessings at Goindwal. The festival is also a milestone for the Sikh community as on this day in 1699, Guru Gobind Singh founded the Panth Khalsa. Farmers observe the day as thanksgiving for the abundant harvest and to seek blessings for future prosperity and progress. The festival is celebrated on April 13 every year and on 14 once in 36 years. In 2018, Baisakhi falls on April 14.

Apart from the fun and non-stop rounds of bhangra and gidda, the festival includes a long list of delicious foods. On the occasion of Baisakhi, delight your taste buds with these 10 lip-smacking delicacies.

Dal Makhni
dal makhaniAlso called as Kaali Dal, this delicious dal is prepared with black lentils and a lot of cream and butter. A bowl of dal makhani with warm rice topped with ghee makes a perfect meal. Traditionally the dish was prepared by simmering lentils on coal fire for several hours. This slow cooking yields great taste to the dal. It is said that the secret to the perfect dal makhani lies in the number of hours the lentils are cooked.

Chana Masala
chana masalaOne of the most popular dishes in the Punjabi menu, Chana Masala is a quick fix for any meal and is also the life of any wedding or parties. Boiled chickpeas are wrapped in masalas and cooked to perfection. Masala Chana goes well with roti, naan, poori, bhatura or rice.

Paneer Tikka
paneer tikkaThe first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of vegetarian appetiser is ‘Paneer Tikka’. These quick paneer bites can never go wrong. Tender chunks of paneer are coated with masalas and are grilled hot on skewers.

Makki ki roti with sarson ka saag
sarson ka saag aur makki ki rotiThe classic Punjabi dish makes everyone drool in winters. Sarson means mustard and saag means green. Even spinach are added to add more flavour to the vegetable. The dish is simple and a package of rustic flavours. It is served along with hot makki roti (unleavened cornbread) with a dollop of ghee.

Punjabi kadhi and chawal
punjabi kadhiNo matter what, Punjabi kadhi and chawal never disappoint. The Punjabi kadhi is prepared with curd and crispily fried pakoras are simmered in thick gravy. The pakoras are made of besan and onions. The kadhi is spicy and tangy. It tastes yum when served with hot plain rice.

Tandoori Chicken
tandoori chickenTandoori Chicken or Tandoori Murg has put India on the global food map. The dish is made by marinating the chicken in yogurt and powdered spices, grilled in a tandoor in a traditional way till it is beautifully charred. It can be eaten as a starter or as a main course with naan. It is also used as a base chicken in curries including butter chicken.

Amritsari Fish
amritsari fishAs the name suggests, Amritsari fish originated from Amritsar and is a popular street food in Punjab. It is one of the favourite cuisines in the non-vegetarian menu. The melt in the mouth fish is batter fried which is juicy, spicy and succulent from inside. It is served with lemon wedges and sprinkled with chaat masala. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course with naan.

lassiThe humble drink is easily available everywhere and is a sort of Punjabi’s pride. It is sweet and is served with a dollop of cream and butter. The traditional lassi is given a modern twist by adding flavours like mango, strawberry and more.

Suji Halwa
suji halwa_sheeraThe much-loved traditional Indian dessert and is known by different names such as sheera, rava sheera or rava halwa. Suji, also known as rava, is roasted in desi ghee, dry fruits and sugar, milk is added to it. It is often made during festivals and celebrations. Though there are various ways to make halwa such as moong or gajar, suji makes for an excellent choice.

Achari Mutton
achar goshtAchari mutton, also known as Achari Gosht, is prepared using the Punjabi pickle masala giving it a tangy flavour to the dish. The dish is prepared in mustard oil with pickle spices to bring out the unique taste in it. The gravy is filled with awesome flavours from mustard seeds, dry red chillies, cumin seeds and fennel seeds.

Sare nu Baishakhi Di Laakh Laakh Vadhiyaan!!