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5 rare and expensive food items to try before you die


They say you don’t need a silver fork to enjoy a good meal. For a normal person, a good meal need not be very expensive. But there are people who don’t mind paying a little extra for a really good dish, especially if it’s made from rare and expensive food items.

For most of us, a Pizza or Dal Makhani are enough to make us happy but there are people who order outstandingly expensive foods, because… well, simply because they can! Around the world, chefs are challenging themselves to create some decadently expensive dishes, for which restaurants are charging an arm and a leg for them.

What’s perhaps even more outrageous is that their fancy clientele is more than willing to pay for it.  Some of these dishes need to be ordered in advance and have a week-long waiting list for them. It’s strange that while the rest of us cost-conscious diners debate extra toppings or an additional side, there are people out there spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a single meal. No, really! From appetizers to desserts, there are people in the world who are spending the equivalent of your monthly/annual grocery budget on a lone dish.

Here are few dishes that can be on the wish list to eat before you die:

1. Chocolate Pudding — Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, England

Yes, a chocolate pudding. Who would ever imagine a chocolate pudding would cost a whooping USD 35,000? Yes, that’s Rs 22,68,000. Outrageously costly, I would just put it in showcase rather than eat it. But people are out there who want to eat, and that’s the reason Lindeth Howe Country Hotel, England and the head chef Marc Guilbert hold expertise in creating this masterpiece. 

There is a reason why it is rated as one of the expensive. Not just because of its quality, but also the ingredients, it is made with four different types of chocolates which are of the finest qualities. The soothing flavour includes hint of orange, peach, as well as fine whiskey. The chocolates are exclusively taken from Belgium to prepare this dreamy dessert for people. It is made with lavish ingredients that include champagne caviar and two-carat diamond. It’s also served in an edible replica of a Faberge egg. This pudding is served with the finest of all Chateau d’Yquem which again has a price tag of $500 per bottle.

Cost: USD 35,000 (Rs 22,70,000 approx.)

2. Golden Opulence Sundae — Serendipity 3, New York City

Sundae is one of the most eaten ice-cream desserts in the world. But, a restaurant named Serendipity 3 in New York City, has made it with a twist, which most of us can’t afford. Executive Chef Joe Calderone of Serendipity 3 has taken a classic ice-cream desert to an entirely different level.

The Golden Opulence Sundae which is made from the finest Tahitian Vanilla ice-cream infused with Madagascar vanilla to intensify the flavour. It’s then drizzled with one of the world’s most expensive chocolates from Amedei Porcelana, and decorated with gold-covered almonds, chocolate truffles, marzipan cherries. Then, the ice cream is covered with an edible 23-carat gold leaf.  The Sundae comes in a $300 Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet which the buyer gets to keep.

Cost: USD 1000 (Rs 65,000 approx.)

3. White truffle and Gold Pizza — Margo’s, Malta

Pizza, one of most consumed dishes in the entire world, is affordable for most of us. But Margo’s Pizzeria in Valetta, Malta has set a world record for the most expensive pizza on the planet. The idea sprouted when pizza-maker Giovanni Staiano and his boss and restaurant owner Claude Camilleri were testing and checking out some truffles. The pizza has 24-carat gold leaf and buffalo mozzarella and white truffles mounted on a thin traditional crust.

Cost: USD 2400 (Rs 1,55,000 aprox.)

4. The £19,000 taco: Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, Mexico

Tacos, which is daily consumed in Mexico, and now popular across the world. Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort in Mexico, has changed the way you will think about tacos. Mostly tacos are cheap and now found in every nooks and corners.

But this taco is different, available at Frida restaurant at this five-star resort in Mexico, the $25,000 (£19,300) taco features Kobe beef, langoustine, Almas beluga caviar (the most expensive in the world), black truffle brie cheese, and a salsa of dried Morita chili peppers, civet coffee, and Ley .925 añejo tequila. Gold flakes infuse both the corn tortilla and are garnished with gold leaf. This is much more than an entire trip to Mexico.

Cost:  £19,000 (Rs 16,27,000 approx.)

5. THE £600 BURGER: Le Burger Brasserie, LAS VEGAS

Burger is yet another most consumed food item in the world, which is found in every corner of the world. The thing when you think of burger is the meat of your choice, a bun and few vegetables. But a restaurant in Las Vegas, named Le Burger Brasserie, has taken this daily staple food to a next level, and made it expensive and which can’t be consumed on daily basis.

The burger is for £600 and has Kobe beef and Maine lobster topped with prosciutto, caramelised sweet onion, triple-cream brie straight from France, and a drizzle of 100-year balsamic vinegar between fresh-baked buns crusted with aged parmesan cheese. The burger served with a bottle of Dom Perignon Rosé (included in cost) helps to wash down such a big burger.

Cost: £600 (Rs 52,000 approx)

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