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5 Tiny We Only Think of in Times of Need


Has it ever happened that you saved for your son’s tenth birthday; however, your wife fell sick? You had to spend the extra money, not for the birthday but your wife’s treatment? It is a story that everyone has gone through in life. Such situations take a toll on our mind and stress us to the extent that we start panicking. Rainy days will never bother you if you plan to buy an umbrella for those days. Here, by an umbrella, we mean expenses that we do now to save us in those rainy days. Rainy days can be car servicing, medical deductibles, unexpected doctor’s bill, cousin’s wedding and much more. If compromising with your financial planning is not your plan, consider making the following expenses now.

Credit Card Fee

How often you find your parents and seniors tell you that a credit card will spell trouble, and you shouldn’t have it. Then if you convince them and yourself about the diligent use, the annual fee for a card becomes the next hurdle. Although a basic credit card usually costs around Rs. 200 per annum, it feels costly, until we are in soup and need money immediately.

You can assume credit card as a credit insurance scheme available at a nominal premium. Those Rs. 200 per annum expense, can help you survive at the end of financial year when your salaries are running far below normal. Include, paying utility bills where you will end up paying late payment penalties if you are unable to pay on time.

Insurance Premium

Medical bills can be quite dominating that your standard of living can deteriorate. Why not pay an affordable premium now for getting financial help when someone in your family needs it? It is the pass to make you feel at ease when the time to spend a lot arrives. Someone who looks fit now can fall sick tomorrow. Medical bills are one of the reasons for people falling into depression.

Life is unpredictable, and you never know when death comes our way. Buying term insurance gives your family the financial freedom of leading a healthy life and not compromise on the quality of life even when you are not there with them. A family can choose to get a lump sum from the insurer or monthly income. To know how much you need to pay to get a certain sum of amount, you need to use term insurance calculator. You get a specific idea about how much you should pay and what benefit you get.

Regular Health Checkup

Many of the top killer illnesses are completely treatable, provided they are discovered early enough. The reasons for them being top killers lies only in the fact that they are either hard to detect, or detected late because the patient did not go for regular health-check.

When you know you are fit, you are free from stress and less worried about future medical expenses. You may even feel that you can take care of the ill-health when the time comes. A comprehensive health assessment can simply cost you anywhere about Rs 500 to Rs 5000. But this tiny expense can save you from a lot of major expenses.

Fire Extinguisher

Yes, a fire extinguisher. No one wants to think that their house or a part of it can catch fire. It can be for short circuit, gas leakage and carelessness. Fire extinguishers come handy when such unforeseen or unexpected event is at full rage to ruin your hard-earned wealth. You may not be able to control a massive fire; however, you can control the fire to spread until the fire team arrives. When you buy by spending Rs 1500 to Rs 4000, people may criticise you, but you know what? They will praise you when the time arrives.

Let the Sun Shine on Rainy Days!

Rainy days are days that are gloomy and stressful. Following the ways mentioned above, you can bring back sunshine to your life. Once you start spending on these elements now, you will reap the benefits in future. Yes, they sound like expenditure but trust me, they are, for giving you benefits later. Short-term goals are essential to reach the long-term goals. Consider these expenses input for assistance during days when you have no other choice but appreciate your decision of spending on them.